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Media Kit

Promotional Videos

More testimonial videos can be found at

Using Our Logo

We encourage other organizations, such as churches, associations, and the news media, to utilize our logo whenever promoting or referencing STCH Ministries. Please view our Graphics Guide (PDF) for details about the best way to handle our logo.

  • There are two versions of the logo: horizontal and vertical (or “stacked”). Use whichever looks best in the space where it is to appear.
  • The Graphics Guide contains download links to high quality logo files.
  • The logo can be resized to fit the dimension of your publication or site, but please keep the same proportions. Do not squash, stretch, or distort the logo.
  • Please follow the whitespace guidelines described in the Graphics Guide.

If you have questions regarding the use of our logo or colors, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Communications at 361.375.2417 or by email.

STCH Ministries Colors

Format Blue Green
Pantone PMS 2955 PMS 356
CMYK 100, 45, 0, 37 95, 0, 100, 27
Hexadecimal 005288 00853F
RGB 0, 82, 136 0, 133, 63
HSV 204°, 100%, 53% 148°, 100%, 52%
Healing Hearts and Sharing Hope