About Homes for Children

STCH Ministries has been providing homes for children since 1952. Since that time many Texas children have found comfort and security in one of our individual family homes, or cottages.

A New Direction

https://vimeo.com/289570421   Living at STCH Ministries Homes for Children has provided an unexpected change of direction for Deray Davis. In the video above, he shares that his life was on course to a dead end. Everything changed when his grandmother brought him to Boothe Campus after his mother lost custody of him. Deray’s affection and respect for his grandmother are evident in his testimony. “My grandma just loves this place because it has an incredible impact on kids' lives,” says Deray. “My grandma loves the Lord, so this is probably the best place for me to be.” A dynamic young [...]

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More Than Bare Necessities

It is often true that what happens behind the scenes makes a big impact, and the commissary at Boothe Campus is a prime example. The commissary is not a store, however it does provide much of what the children living there need on a daily basis. It is stocked through a combination of donations from churches and organizations around the state and the STCH Ministries operating budget. The primary function of the commissary at Homes for Children is to provide the eleven cottages on Boothe Campus with all that they require to run as smoothly as possible. Food, cleaning products, [...]

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Summer Interns

The summer intern program at Boothe Campus has been a major component of the activities calendar for over 40 years. Just before school lets out each year, three to five college students move to Boothe Campus for the purpose of becoming extra hands for Joel Bowden, Director of Student Ministries. The young adults remain on campus for 10 weeks, until just before classes are back in session again in August. Joel began his career at STCH Ministries as a summer intern in 2012, serving three consecutive summers, and took on his current role once he graduated from Texas A&M University [...]

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Bailey Sets Record 42 Years of Service at Children’s Home

Ginger Bailey set the record for the longest continuously serving staff member at STCH Ministries with a career of 42 years and counting. (Click to enlarge photo.) PETTUS – In a time when median job tenure for professionals is 5.5 years, 42 years of service at the same organization is extraordinary. Ginger Glynn Bailey began her social work career as a foster care worker/case worker for the South Texas Children’s Home (STCH) right out of graduate school in 1976. July 12th is the anniversary of her employment with STCH Ministries and makes her the longest continuously serving staff [...]

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Stitched with Love

“Gifts of handmade quilts wrap people in God's love and symbolically demonstrate that Jesus and His disciples care; the quilts represent the ultimate security blanket.” - Stitches of Love Quilting Ministry vision statement For nearly as long as European immigrants have been on our soil, American patchwork quilts have represented comfort, security, and a place to belong. For more than sixty years, STCH Ministries Homes for Children has provided the same for children in crisis. For thirteen years now, the quilting ministry, “Stitches of Love”, of University Baptist Church (UBC) in Houston has partnered with Homes for Children to create [...]

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Loving the Functionally Fatherless

Living in the light of God’s Word is convicting. James writes that religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: “to visit orphans and widows in their affliction” (James 1:27). Many of our kids come from functionally fatherless situations; it may be that there was a divorce, a death, absentee, or situational fatherlessness. The children’s home does not receive the parental rights to the children when they come into care. The individual placing the child remains the one with rights to the children. We are called to come alongside, ministering to the family and children with [...]

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Celebrating the Class of 2018

The high school seniors who live at STCH Ministries will soon graduate from Pettus ISD. As these young people pursue their dreams in the next phase of life, they say they will never forget their time at the children's home. As flowers sprout up from the ground and signs of spring are all around, five seniors at STCH Ministries are preparing for a new season in their life. Another year of studying, homework, and semester exams is nearing an end and our seniors will soon walk the stage and receive their high school diplomas from Pettus ISD. These [...]

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Celebrating Mateo

The story is told of our great Texas forefather, Sam Houston, regarding his baptism and a conversation with his pastor, Rev. Burleson, who would later become the president of Baylor University. This was a widely talked about event with hundreds coming for the baptism from as far as Austin. Sam Houston had quite a reputation for behaviors not often associated with the church going folks. On the morning of the baptism, the pastor discovered that several boys had pranked the church baptism pool with sticks and mud, so the ceremony was moved to the “Baptism Hole” on Rocky Creek, south [...]

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Healing Hearts and Sharing Hope