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Seminars and Workshops

To schedule a presentation, seminar, or workshop, give us a call at (833) 83-STCHM (833-837-8246) or email

Therapists from our Family Counseling ministry are available to provide presentations, seminars, and workshops to both large and small groups. These presentations cover topics relating to the family, parenting, marriage, life enrichment, and church growth and development. STCH Ministries will also tailor presentations to meet the needs of your group.


Boundaries with Kids

Parenting brings joy as well as being one of the greatest challenges a person can face. The concept of establishing boundaries within the family structure can prove effective in reducing stress for the parent and the child. Participants will learn how to create their own strategy for helping their children gain control of their lives through the ability to create and apply clear and healthy boundaries. (Three to six 1-hour sessions)

Child Behavioral Management

This conference will teach a number of management techniques that will likely improve the relationship between the parent and child. Parents will be taught how to manage their children without the use of yelling or excessive corporal punishment. This conference will also help parents gain skills to deal with difficult behavioral situations such as oppositional defiance, cheating, lying, stealing, and bullying. Since negative and defiant behaviors can be at its peak among adolescents, skills and strategies will be outlined to give parents the best opportunity for dealing effectively with rebellious teenagers. (Three 1-hour sessions)

Positive Discipline with Children of All Ages

This seminar is designed for parents of all school age children. Positive discipline techniques including positive reinforcement, negative consequences, and agreed contracts will be explained along with examples of implementation of age appropriate sequence. (One 1½-hour session)

The Five Love Languages of Children

Adapted from the book by Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, this one day workshop is geared at helping parents identify their child’s love language such as words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, physical touch, or acts of service. (One 1½-hour session)


Conflict Resolution within the Marriage

Marriage is not about fighting. Fighting, in fact, is anti-marriage and shows very little positive outcome in a healthy relationship. Since conflict is almost inevitable, skills can be learned to conduct marriage without it, or at least to keep conflict to a minimum. Love, commitment, trust, apology, and forgiveness will be defined in practical terms so that each person within the relationship can display these qualities in such a way as to be easily recognized and valued by their spouse. (One 2-hour session or two 1-hour sessions)

Forgiveness and the Restoration of Intimacy

Unless you and your spouse are perfect, you will need forgiveness to keep your relationship vibrant and growing. The principles of forgiveness will be discussed in detail according to Scripture. Six steps to facilitate the restoration of intimacy will be outlined and discussed along with illustrations to help model this important concept. (One 1-hour session)

Four Marital Myths

Being created in God’s image does not mean that we always perceive our surroundings as they really are. Each individual carries a different understanding of how marriage “should be” according to prior knowledge and experiences. There are four common myths that will be identified and discussed with great detail in a conference setting. Scriptural references and illustrations will be taught to help attendees adjust from a mythical perception to a realistic perception. (Two 1-hour sessions or four 45-minute sessions)

Waffles and Spaghetti: Understanding the Differences between Men and Women

This seminar will explore the differences between men and women and offer strategies and techniques for understanding one another better to build strong, loving, healthy relationships.


Grief and Loss

This conference is for all people who have suffered loss through death and/or divorce. The participants will learn the psychological, emotional, and spiritual symptoms that loss produces through the various steps of the grief process. The seminar allows each participant to identify with positive behaviors in each step. Exceptional losses, such as death of a child and death by suicide, will also be discussed. (One 1-hour session)

Five Guidelines for Healthy Relationships

This conference combines elements of the “Four Marital Myths” with “Forgiveness and the Restoration of Intimacy” with other principles that have been found effective in growing healthy relationships. (The conference can be condensed to two 1½-hour sessions, or five 45-minute sessions.)

Helping Those Who Hurt Themselves

A one day workshop designed to dispel the myths and uncover the truths behind self-injurious behavior. Learn about self-injury and its underlying causes and discover what helps and what hurts an individual that self-injures. (Length and number of sessions can be adapted to meet specific needs.)


The Church’s Response To the Sexual Epidemic

This workshop is designed to help pastors and church ministry teams with the development of men’s groups to deal with sexual issues. Research is revealing the scope and magnitude of this struggle and the discovery is that no church congregation is immune. Attendees will gain a better perception of the struggles that men face as well as resources that are available to help lead and facilitate growth and discovery groups.

Ministries that Impact Families

This one-hour session will be full of suggestions that can introduce your community to a loving, caring church family. Learn to build meaningful relationships through the establishment of ministry objectives that can be adapted to your church family and vision.

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