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Family Support

Family Support connects needs with resources. Whenever a family has needs that can be served by one or more of our ministries, Family Support helps them understand what we offer and how to begin. For needs that are beyond the scope of our ministries, we guide families to other services that are available in the community.

Family Support was created out of the realization that a family’s needs are not isolated; they are interconnected. A couple who needs counseling may also need educational resources about money management. A child who needs care at Homes for Children may have a parent who needs job training and spiritual guidance. Through our Family Support ministry, we are employing a holistic approach to meeting the needs of children and families.

For more information, call 361.452.3046.

The objective of Family Support is not merely to meet temporary needs, but to find long-term, sustainable solutions. We work with individuals and families to create a plan of action that addresses fundamental issues.

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