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Sponsor a Cottage

Cottage Sponsorship is a wonderful way to invest in the lives of our families and help build special memories the children will carry with them forever. A Cottage Sponsor can be an individual, an organization, a community group, a Sunday School class, or even a business.

By committing to a monthly contribution of any amount, Cottage Sponsors help the houseparents and kids in a specific cottage at Boothe Campus enjoy the kinds of activities that other families enjoy on a regular basis: activities like eating out occasionally as a family; movie nights; birthday and holiday gifts and celebrations; summer camps; a special vacation trip; or school and extracurricular activities, such as cheer-leading, sports, band, or 4-H and FFA projects.

Each Cottage Sponsor will receive an annual photo of the family they are sponsoring and periodic updates on what their sponsored family is doing. Cottage Sponsors are a valuable part of our team, and there is no minimum or required monthly amount to participate!

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