Brokenness is one of many challenges that children and families face daily.
Please help us break the chains of brokenness, and heal the pain of neglect and abandonment.
Become a Partner in Hope!

As a Partner in Hope, you are partnering with us to ensure our mission of healing hearts and sharing hope with children and families continues.

Your monthly recurring gift ensures that STCH Ministries has the resources to share the love of Christ with every person served in our ministries.

Your generosity helps these individuals move from neglect, abuse, and abandonment to a new life of restoration, forgiveness, and safety.

When you become a Partner in Hope, your commitment helps:
  • Children are given a place to call home when their family is in crisis.

  • Marriages are restored through Christian counseling.

  • Single moms and their children are provided a safe home to escape abusive relationships.

  • Men and women discover how to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives in their work environment and how to handle their finances according to Biblical principles.

*All gifts to Partner in Hope assist with the general needs of the ministry chosen.

Become a Partner in Hope
It only takes a few minutes to make an eternal difference.