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STCH Ministries
P.O. Box 759
Beeville, Texas 78104-0759


STCH Ministries is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that has been caring for children and families since 1952.

P.O. Box 1210
Beeville, Texas 78104-1210


South Texas Children’s Home (STCH) is responsible for discovering, investing, and managing funds and assets to benefit the long term goals and objectives of STCH Ministries. Learn More

STCH Land Management
P.O. Box 548
Beeville, Texas 78104-0548


The purpose of South Texas Children’s Home Land Management (STCHLM) is to own, lease, and faithfully manage buildings, land, and land assets for the benefit of STCH Ministries. Learn More

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President’s Office and Development

361.375.2417 or email

Homes for Children

Boothe Campus north of Beeville
361.375.2101 or email

Homes for Families

Marshall Ranch Campus in Goliad
361.575.5151 or email

Family Counseling

1.833.83.STCHM or email


361.994.0940 or email

Faith & Work | Faith & Finances

  • Corpus Christi – 361.452.3046 or email
  • San Antonio – 210.409.6362 or email
  • Houston – 832.539.6125 or email

Pastor Care

361.550.0966 or email

Family Support

361.452.3046 or email

Ministry Consulting

361.375.2417 or email

Healing Hearts and Sharing Hope