A Beautiful Example of God’s Grace

FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES, a full day of activities is much more exciting than a day of chores or just sitting around the house. This past August, our kids at Boothe Campus experienced a day to just relax, play and be a kid. Buffco Production, Inc., an E&P oil and gas company based in East Texas, generously provided four water inflatables, a dunking booth, lunch from Chick-fil-A and ice cream from the On the Mooove Creamery for everyone to enjoy at Homes for Children.

This partnership materialized in a very unique way, and both organizations believe their joint work will
last a lifetime. Buffco first connected with STCH Ministries through Mr. Howett. Before his passing, Mr. Howett deeply supported STCH Ministries and personally worked to further its mission. Eleven years ago, Buffco acquired rights to develop a portion of Mr. Howett’s property in Zavala County. Following this deal, the company learned about STCH Ministries and its mission through a friendship between Gary Jones, STCH Ministries vice president for land management and Mr. Howett. After Mr. Howett’s passing, Buffco pursued STCH Ministries as a charitable initiative, and a strong partnership formed.

In 2014, Frank Buffkin, president of Buffco, and Jason Moore, chief operating officer at Buffco, decided to plan something big for the children at Boothe Campus. The event started as a Fourth of July party where Buffco could spend the day giving the children an unforgettable experience. In the end, the impact on Jason and the others from Buffco proved to be just as great if not more. Jason shares about his experiences below.

“I think it was the impact on all of us that attended the first event that solidified our desire to maintain that relationship in a more active way. I think we expected something special just given Mr. Howett’s devotion to the program, but I did not expect to see and feel something so tangible and such an obvious example of God’s presence at our first visit. God tells us that we are to protect and love children and to see that at work, in action, has never become less moving. We walk away from the event each year simply feeling like we have received such a blessing even to have a small part each year in serving the kids. The staff, the parents, the children that are always so gracious and thankful, it is truly a humbling experience at each visit. To see God’s call on his people to meet a need and see that need being met so compassionately is something awesome in the very truest sense of the word.

Over the years, participation in the event has also had the same impact on many industry partners who have stepped in with us at the event. Donald Callaway and his wife, Terra, and the crew at Legacy Safety have shared the same sentiments and desire to be a part of the program in the same way. It’s always an honor for us to be able to bring new industry partners along to witness this beautiful example of God’s grace.

First and foremost, we thank God for the relationship with STCH Ministries that we have today and will also never forget how that was born from Mr. Howett’s generosity and devotion to this amazing mission.”

Seeing truly is believing, and STCH Ministries is thankful for the generous support of Buffco and others who help fulfill the mission of serving children and families. The impact of our partnerships certainly goes both ways. The staff and children at Boothe Campus embody the same sentiments as Jason in being thankful for the great day of fun and ability to make new memories. Buffco and Jason’s shared goal is to provide the thrilling experiences but also provide for everyday needs. This year, they decided to assist with back-to-school supplies and clothing for those living on campus.

For Christopher, a 13-year-old who has lived on Boothe Campus since before this event began, says, “I like Buffco. I look forward to them coming each year because of the water slides and Chickfil- A. They are the GOAT–greatest of all time.”

Each year, this event is penciled in before the dates are even solidified due to the anticipation of children and staff. Benjamin Brewer, student ministries coordinator for Boothe Campus, exclaims, “Buffco brings so much excitement! It’s one of those days that builds with anticipation. What they provide for our campus is awesome, they bring so much joy and fun to our kids by creating such an awesome family experience. There is nothing more fun than seeing our kids smiles when they play on the waterslides and run around and have fun. I truly love and appreciate them for loving our kids so well. Awesome people!”

STCH Ministries is thankful for the Buffco team for their unwavering support for the fun day of activities as well as the support in other ventures. It is because of numerous partnerships that STCH Ministries can provide so many opportunities for everyone in our nine ministries.

Thank you to Buffco Production, Inc. and many others for your unending love and support. You are making a tremendous impact in the lives of so many people within our community and also serving as a beautiful example of God’s grace. If you are interested in getting involved with STCH Ministries visit, www.STCHM.org/get-involved today.