Bustin' for STCH Clay Shoot, benefiting children and families

Bustin’ for STCH Clay Shoot: A Day of Hope

Are you ready for an exciting day of clay shooting that makes a lasting impact? Mark your calendars for the Bustin’ for STCH clay shoot on January 27, 2024, at the picturesque White Owl Ranch, just 13 miles from Alice, Texas.

White Owl Ranch

Nestled in the heart of Texas, White Owl Ranch spans 175+ acres, providing not only breathtaking views but also abundant wildlife. It’s the perfect backdrop for a memorable clay shoot! Picture yourself surrounded by nature’s wonders as you embark on a journey impacting the lives of children and families.

Bustin' for STCH Clay Shoot, benefiting children and families

STCH Ministries

STCH Ministries serves as a beacon of hope for children and families across Texas, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador. With nine ministries, including a Homes for Children campus in Pettus and Homes for Families campuses in Goliad and Yoakum, the organization is committed to healing, restoring and transforming lives through God’s love and truth.

  • 100% privately funded: STCH Ministries has never incurred debt, ensuring their services are accessible regardless of an individual’s ability to pay.

Bustin’ for STCH: Shooting for a Purpose

Bustin’ for STCH is more than a clay shoot; it’s a chance to be part of something greater. By participating, you directly contribute to STCH Ministries’ mission of helping children and families in need through their nine impactful ministries. Join us at White Owl Ranch for a day filled with camaraderie, competition and compassion.

Bustin' for STCH Clay Shoot

Event Details

Gates Open: 7:30 am
Registration Begins: 8:00 am
Calcutta Auction: 9:15 am
First Shot: 10:00 am
Lunch: 12:30 pm
Live Auction: Featuring two quail hunts and other exciting items

Team Registration Perks

Lunch for Four Shooters:
Enjoy a delicious meal amid the camaraderie of like-minded individuals.
Entry into Giveaway:
A chance to win one of six guns.
Support a Great Cause:
A fun day that directly contributes to transforming lives.

Become a Sponsor, Be the Change

Make an even greater impact by becoming a sponsor. All proceeds from the event directly support the children and families served by STCH Ministries. Sponsorship opportunities are available at www.STCHM.org/bustin-for-stch. Alternatively, you can mail a check to STCH Ministries, PO Box 759, Beeville, TX 78104.

Join Us in Making a Difference

As the sun sets on White Owl Ranch after a day of camaraderie and compassion, remember that each shot fired at Bustin’ for STCH echoes with the potential to change a life. Help STCH Ministries continue their mission of healing, restoring and transforming lives. Presented by Echelon Group at White Owl Ranch, this event invites you to be a part of a narrative that transcends the ordinary, shot by shot, for the children and families. Sign up to be a sponsor or register a team at www.STCHM.org/bustin-for-stch. See you there!

ACCA Leadership Conference

Six high school students from our Boothe Campus recently returned from an unforgettable youth leadership conference held at Shepherd of the Ozarks. The ACCA Youth Leadership Conference is an opportunity for older students who show leadership potential to grow and develop their leadership skills and abilities.

Our students were right at home in the Ozark Mountains, soaking in the energy and motivation from excellent nationally-known speakers and workshops. Through the week, they honed their leadership skills, put them into practice and left as true leaders ready to make a difference. Equipped with newfound skills and motivation, our students are ready to make a difference in the school year ahead!

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Last week, STCH Ministries hosted a delicious teacher luncheon for the Pettus ISD staff as a shout-out to our amazing educators. It was a special event filled with gratitude and good food, reminding us of the incredible impact teachers have on our lives. They put in so much hard work and dedication, and we want them to know how much we appreciate them.

As the new school year begins, let’s come together in prayer for all educators. Here’s to all the growth and learning that’s about to happen! STCH Ministries extends its heartfelt appreciation to these remarkable individuals who tirelessly light the path of learning for the next generation.

Buffco Back-to-School Bash

Buffco, one of our generous donors, treated our Boothe Campus students to a fun Back-to-School bash on Friday, August 11th, setting the stage for an exciting upcoming school year! The event featured water inflatables, a Chick-Fil-A feast, root beer floats and flavorful shaved ice treats from Shark Shack Shave Ice.

Jason and April Moore, along with their twelve-year-old twins, joined in the festivities, demonstrating their support and commitment to our students. A big shout-out and heartfelt gratitude to Buffco for making this day of fun possible! We also extend our appreciation to all our donors who continue to show abundant love and kindness to the kids of STCH Ministries.

iCare Victoria

On Tuesday, August 1st, STCH Ministries Family Counseling hosted the 7th Annual iCare Conference in Victoria, a conference aimed at reaching out to those dedicated to helping others. The attendees included teachers, counselors, pastors, church staff and other impactful individuals working to make a difference in people’s lives.  Attendees received continuing education units for the breakout sessions they attended but more than that, they heard from professionals about various topics that will help them grow in their field.

This year’s breakout sessions included: Don’t Feed the Monkey Mind: How to Stop the Cycle of Anxiety, Fear, and Worry; How Far Is Too Far? Knowing Our Limits in Pastoral Counseling; Where Is My Value? Helping Kids Find Their Worth; and many others. The last session of the day, taught by Karen Oaks, reminded the attendees about the importance of self-care and how to help when you need help. During lunch, author and speaker, Adam Davis shared how to live unconquered and how to face pain and overcome adversity.

STCH Ministries is thankful to all the individuals who made iCare a success, including the presenters for their time and effort in preparing for this event. Also, thank you to Parkway Church Victoria for allowing us to use their facilities for the day. For more information on STCH Ministries Family Counseling visit, https://www.stchm.org/family-counseling/.

Life Outside the Contemporary American “Bubble”

As we complete our summer mission trips to the Dominican Republic and El Salvador, we reflect with gratitude over all that God did through the hands of 18 mission teams and 258 participants from Maryland to Texas.
Grateful for over 200 children and adults who professed faith in Christ. Grateful for health and safety. Grateful for growth in ministries, growth in our staff leadership and in the lives of our sponsored children. Grateful for mission teams, for their willingness to endure a very hot summer without complaints, for their energy and dedication and their willingness to flex when plans went awry. Their personal reflections affirmed the work of God’s Spirit in lives and families.

The Hung family has returned multiple times to serve since 2014. Sophia shared, “At a young age I was able to recognize and see God working. When I was about 10 or 11, I made the decision to live for God and to get baptized during the mission trip. This year a special moment for me was at the boys’ orphanage when I complimented Ezekiel on his grades and sports ability. He replied, “Gracias a Dios,” (Thanks to God). I thought about what he said the rest of the day because I was shocked to see how strong his faith in God was at such a young age. The faith that people hold in the Dominican Republic has made me realize the works of God and how powerful it can really be.”

From FBC Port Lavaca, Pastor Whittle wrote, “It was a trip that lit the fires of missions for our group. The staff in the DR were full of energy and we loved that they got their ‘hands dirty’ with us.”
One doctor reported his experience, as he worked in a medical clinic, performing ultrasound exams. He shared with some of the children the miracle of creation, allowing them to see a baby sucking his thumb in the mother’s womb!
Our team witnessed 54 children invite Jesus into their hearts and have ordered a Bible for each one.
At the Higuey boys’ home, one group reported, “Our children did an amazing job of connecting with the boys, playing baseball and various games. The day ended with pizza, s’mores and rain!”  Another team treated the boys with a special trip to a local park, where both team members and the boys played, swam and enjoyed a cookout together. It was definitely a highlight for these boys.
The IBQ church always inspires—their prayer time together on Wednesday night, their unreserved, heart-felt singing, their dedication to come to church–walking, riding a Moped with several children perched on the back or in a sputtering public car.  One team shared a marriage conference with the IBQ couples and also a devotional time with the Moms while the children participated in VBS. Another group prepared a first-ever event for the families of IBQ church, complete with games, face-painting, competitions, hot dogs and an illustrated Bible lesson that impacted both young and old.
Collectively, participants shared, ”We saw the world as it really is in God’s sight. Fears of differentness, barriers of language, skin color and poverty melted away. Our service became a worship experience—building, delivering beds and food to needy families, singing, playing and dancing with children, teaching Bible stories or English lessons and joining our Dominican family in joyful praise.”
As a “newbie,” Clark McCormick, 15 years old, added her perspective, “I experienced life outside of the contemporary American bubble. Even though we can’t speak the same language, we have the same God. They are so passionate about their faith. Serving others pushed me out of my comfort zone, and has made me less afraid to reach out to others.”

Aligned with God’s Dreams

“It can be a Salvadoran dream, or an American dream, but most important is to make sure we are aligning with God’s dreams,” shared Edgar Borja, Salvadoran ministry leader. Reflecting on their mission week, the group from Calvert Grace in Maryland was impacted by the dreams of the Peniel churches to meet practical life needs, while making opportunities to share the Gospel and grow disciples.

Education is crucial for the future of children. Accordingly, every church in the Peniel network either already has a school, or is in the process of growing one, starting from preschool. Parents who wish to enroll their children receive a significant tuition discount if they also attend church once a week. The mission team spent 4 afternoons doing teacher training and introducing effective teaching techniques. The team reported, “Before we left, teachers were already adapting new strategies to use in their classrooms.” Jobs are scarce, and competition is fierce. The Peniel churches have partnered with the government to create a job-training center. Although religious teaching is forbidden, breakfast is served to those who come early along with a Bible lesson and testimonies. And after the training, there are free ESL classes, which use the Bible as their textbook.

Soccer is a huge attraction in El Salvador. Churches develop their own leagues and for those willing to come to church once a week, all fees are waived. The Calvert Grace team brought a sports camp to the school at El Riel. In addition to Bible lessons, they rotated between 6 different sports, including Ga-ga ball, baseball, football and frisbee. They ended with giving each child their own soccer ball!

Team members reflected,
“We got to interact with a beautiful little girl and chose to sponsor her. I will always remember the light in her eyes, and later the joy radiating from the mother when they were informed of our sponsorship.”

“The children lined up and cheered for us. It was a hero’s welcome!”

“I was inspired by the Salvadorans to be intentional in meeting needs while sharing the Gospel.”

“Families, previously isolated due to violence and Covid, are coming out of the shadows.  It’s a great time for STCH Ministries to be involved.”

Pray with us as we take the next steps in our partnership with the Peniel churches, and the future involvement of more partner teams.

Shearer Hills Donations and Visit to Boothe Campus

STCH Ministries is thankful for partnerships with local churches like Shearer Hills in San Antonio. Back in June, they chose STCH Ministries to be their mission’s emphasis for VBS. They held a competition for boys vs. girls to see who could raise the most money throughout the week and also collected breakfast food items and household products. By the end of the week, the children raised over $2,000 and collected a large number of tangible items.Last week, a group of pre-teen girls from Shearer Hills traveled down to the Boothe Campus to deliver the items and a check. The commissary staff was amazed at the number of items delivered which included cereal, pop-tarts, toilet paper, paper towels and two bikes. During their visit, they toured the campus and had the chance to meet some of the children who live on campus. They shared what this opportunity meant to them and started planning their next trip down, where they hope to spend the night and do service projects on the campus.

We want to thank Shearer Hills and all the other churches that make an impact in the lives of children and families by partnering with STCH Ministries. We could not do what we do without people like you!

New Beginnings

Exciting news from Boothe Campus! Three of our students were recently baptized, taking a significant step in their walk with the Lord. Two of them decided to follow Christ just a month ago at camp, while the other, who committed his life to Christ several months back, had eagerly been waiting for this special moment. Seeing the joy in his heart was truly heartwarming.

The baptism day was wonderful, with family and friends joining us to celebrate this meaningful event. The entire campus came together to support the students. It was a beautiful display of our close-knit community!

All three students are thrilled about their new life anchored in Christ. Please continue to pray for them as they grow in faith and love. 

We Have Lift-Off

After months of prayer, and four vision trips with staff and select pastors and leaders, Schulenberg Baptist Church became the first official STCH Ministries team to serve in El Salvador!

They traveled to El Riel and met pastor Anselmo. STCH Ministries had previously assisted them to put a roof, and later windows on their multi-purpose church building. The Schulenberg team used that resource to impact the surrounding community. As the pastor shared, “The church building has given us a higher level of credibility and influence in this poverty-bound community.”

The children waited expectantly for the group to arrive, waving from the upper level of the rugged terrain, and the welcome continued in the newly windowed church building with banners, balloons and songs. The atmosphere of joy and celebration continued through the week as the mission team participated in a uniquely STCH MINISTRIES-SALVADORAN ministry event with children, family and leaders.

The group built tables, held VBS classes and taught ESL during school hours. In the afternoons, families came down from the surrounding hills and formed fellowship circles with the group. “We bonded instantly. We weren’t ready for them to return home as we loaded them up with a generous bag of groceries!” One group trudged up hills and down, over and around creeks, to visit a child on the waiting list for sponsorship. It was a unique God appointment for sponsorship. Three additional children were also chosen for sponsorship.

The following day they celebrated a PUPUSA FELLOWSHIP. Some of the moms taught the team how to make the Salvadoran national dish—a thick flatbread made of corn masa, and stuffed with various fillings. What fun they enjoyed as they mashed the sticky dough, patted and slapped it into the right shape, then grilled them and ate together.

In the evenings Pastor Dave brought the message in two different churches. “The Spirit of God moved freely,” one participant reported. “We had great translators, but even in situations where there wasn’t a translator, we realized that language is never a barrier for God.”

STCH Ministries is grateful for this first joyful mission week in partnership with the Peniel network of churches. Our goal for 2024 is to host small teams of 10-15 participants, especially in the fall and spring of the year. Please pray with us about this opportunity, and let us know if your church would like to join in this mission opportunity.