Together Again

The story of a family, like that of an individual, can take many twists and turns along the road of life, and few know this better than the Parker siblings. Over the past fifteen years, seven Parker children have called Boothe Campus home; the oldest five are now grown, and thirteen-year-old Laura, the youngest, is still a resident at Love Cottage. Eighteen-year-old Josh, a brand new high school graduate, stands in the middle with one foot across the line of adulthood while he savors his last summer before starting college. To look at them now, one can see great [...]

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An Agency of Texas Baptists

STCH Ministries is a Texas Baptists affiliated agency, one of twenty-eight Christian education and human care institutions across the state that are part of the extended family of the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT). Each member of this family operates independently, but we are intrinsically linked by our faith and our mission to advance kingdom work. Consisting of more than 5,300 Baptist churches, the BGCT serves a vital role in supporting the ministry of its member organizations. STCH Ministries President and CEO Eron Green (left) shakes hands with BGCT Executive Director David Hardage at the 2016 Annual Meeting. [...]

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The Powerful Work of Play

The first time I came to the play therapy playroom, it was kind of hard to believe. The shelves were stuffed with every kind of toy I could imagine! Cars and trucks, games and crafts, tons of animal and people figures, play guns and swords, dolls, dollhouses, and things to build with. And there were other fun things…like dress-up clothes, an art easel, puppets, a BIG bop bag, and even a small sandbox! The lady my mom told me would help me said I could play with anything in the room in any way I wanted! But…I didn’t know what [...]

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Real People, Real Kids, Real Needs

It all started more than fifteen years ago when Randy and Carole Black ventured to Vietnam to pick up their adopted daughter Emma, who was sixteen months old at the time, giving her the precious gift of a forever home. Little did they know that Emma’s adoption would only be the start of a lifelong commitment to helping children and families in need. Randy is the Operations Manager for ConocoPhillips over the Gulf Coast Business Unit and currently lives in Cypress, Texas, with his family and attends Harvest Bible Church. Before moving to Cypress, the Blacks lived in Anchorage, Alaska, [...]

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Healing Hearts and Sharing Hope