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Emerging Butterflies

ELEGANTLY DRESSED young women seemed to float through the festive room as they served homemade lasagna. The colors and sounds inside reflected the blooms and butterflies outside on this early spring day. Guests gathered to celebrate the courageous women dedicated to the ambitious undertaking of rebuilding their lives at STCH Ministries’ Homes for Families (HFF) Appreciation Banquet. Located just outside of Goliad, TX, HFF on Marshall Ranch Campus is currently home to eleven mothers and thirty-one children. These families are linked by traumatic pasts and a determination to be the change that breaks the cycle of a lifetime of [...]

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More Than Just a Temporary Home

Excitement, nervousness, and anticipation were all words used by the three seniors Jian, C.J., and Preston at STCH Ministries Homes for Children (HFC) to describe their feelings towards college. For the three of them, attending college was not something that they thought would be possible before coming to HFC. WHEN A CHILD comes into care at HFC, they are getting more than just a temporary home; they are entering into a family that will love and care for them long after they leave. One way that STCH Ministries extends their love is by providing programs to help prepare them [...]

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Expanding God’s Kingdom

The idea of a STCH Ministries medical mission trip over spring break to the Dominican Republic originated in the hearts of a few Baylor University students early in the fall of 2018. They ranged from freshman to seniors and their majors varied—neuroscience, medical humanities, health sciences, biochemistry and others. Their ultimate goal upon graduation was a career as a Physician Assistant (PA). 17 students (from Arizona, Colorado, California, Oklahoma, and Texas) quickly paid their deposits and filled out their applications. Their enthusiasm and perseverance made up for what they lacked in experience. TRIP LEADER, Anna Kemp, reflected, “I knew [...]

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Remembering Diane

APRIL 6, 2019, outside of LaGrange, Texas, Diane Gryseels and several family members lost their lives in a tragic car accident. Diane Gryseels is remembered for her passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ by everyone who knew her. STCH Ministries staff, residents, and clients were all impacted by her life. Diane served over four decades through multiple positions across STCH Ministries, which means only Heaven knows the exact numbers of lives changed by her witness. She began as a caseworker in 1966 fresh from earning her Master of Social Work through Worden School of Social Service at Our [...]

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Homes for Families Mom Graduates High School

DEBBIE CASTILLO WALKED AWAY from high school as a teenager with no thoughts of looking back. Homes for Families (HFF) has been both a comfort and a challenge for Debbie as she’s struggled to become a healthy adult. It took several attempts, but she was able to persevere with the strength she found in her relationship with Jesus Christ and the encouragement of her extended HFF family. She has learned through the HFF program, that God did not create her to be a quitter and on May 24, 2019, Debbie walked the stage at Goliad High School and received [...]

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Captive Thoughts

“For by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in an abundance of wise counselors there is victory and safety.” - Proverbs 24:6 REBEKAH LOGAN did not consider herself anyone out of the ordinary. She had no complaints about her life; as a child of a stable Christian family, she understood the Gospel truth from a young age and accepted Jesus as her Savior while still a child. Overall, Rebekah enjoyed an easy life in comparison to some. In spite of that, she characterized herself as an anxious person. She remembers thoughts which overtook her imagination, turning ordinary [...]

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Transformational Change

“Our goal is transformational change,” stated Theresa Klacman, who leads the Homes for Families ministry on the Marshall Ranch. “I was a single mom with four children, and Satan made me believe the lie that I couldn’t make it. Now I know that God’s power is greater than any other thing, and with His help I CAN and I AM making it. God has a plan. He never leaves us completely alone. And He had this place (Marshall Ranch) prepared to help me turn my life around,” shared one of our resident mothers. At Homes for Families, the goal is [...]

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The Sacredness of Work

“I GET UP EVERY DAY and go to work because I have to earn a living. I come home frustrated and exhausted, only to get up the next day and do it all over again. Then the weekend comes and I have a break. But by Sunday evening I have knots in my stomach when I think about doing it all over again on Monday morning. Is this all there is to life?” a friend messaged. How can we find meaning in our work? Is it just about making money, buying stuff, keeping up with the neighbors?” Recent research [...]

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The Healing Power of Normalcy

NORMAL. A WORD EVERYONE understands, and yet most find it difficult to agree on its meaning. My favorite definition is “the usual, average or typical state or condition.” I can assure you that what was normal for me growing up as the oldest of two in the suburbs of Houston, Texas was not normal for my husband, the only son and youngest of four on a farm in North Georgia. Our children’s experiences as missionary kids crisscrossing the northern and southern hemispheres add a completely different flavor of “normal” to our family. However, there are several elements common to [...]

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Thankful For The Past, But Anticipating The Future

THANK YOU! 2018 was a year to remember and celebrate the goodness of our Lord and Savior. Our donors, churches, foundations and many others are appreciated for the sacrifice and committed partnership to STCH Ministries. In 2018, 15,301 individuals were served in one or more of our nine distinct ministries. Please take a look at what God is doing at STCH Ministries. 83 Children, at Boothe Campus, enjoyed exciting experiences such as attending youth camp, FFA project animals, and activities at church; along with receiving the basic necessities in a protected, loving home at Homes for Children. 17 College [...]

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Healing Hearts and Sharing Hope