Hello and welcome to the first edition of our Messenger for 2024! As the calendar turns, I seem to always want to take time to reflect. To reflect on the past year, five years, ten years and even beyond that. I have been blessed to serve in my role now for 12 years, it has been an amazing journey. I am so grateful to be a member of the STCH Ministries team. We have some of the most dedicated and servant-minded team members you can find. I am often asked what we look for when we hire, simply put; a heart to serve.

As I reflect back over this past year, we were able to serve 21,044 children and families. These children and families were served through our nine points of ministry, and while we like to track those numbers, what’s most important to us is that we serve them in a deeply personal and life-changing manner. This past year has been one with many accomplishments. Many of these accomplishments were very public, but many were also very private. There are so many stories of overcoming obstacles and odds that you will never hear about. Husbands and wives reuniting through counseling; children going back to live with their mother now that she is healthy; a child learning to read; a youth going on their first international mission trip; pastors receiving the healing they need after a rough experience at their church; much needed medical care; a family learning to manage their finances and find independence from their debtors; and so many more. 2023 was a great year indeed!

Not only do I look back to see how the Good Lord has worked, I also look forward. I look forward to the upcoming year, the next two years, five years, ten years and beyond as well. One project that we started last year and is now completed, is our brand refresh. We compiled a team to answer the question, why does STCH Ministries exist? What came from these discussions were the concepts of healing, restoring and transforming. We believe we have the awesome responsibility to walk through some of the best and most challenging times with those we minister to. We all must start from a place of understanding that healing needs to take place. As healing occurs, the restoration process begins, until eventually we are transformed into the person God wants us to be!

As you read this Messenger, you will come to understand more about our community ministry programs. Through community ministries, we strive to connect with families and walk alongside them while offering expertise in making sure the family’s needs are assessed and then met. While we are already serving families through our programs in the community, we will be taking these programs to another level and building in new pieces. I see great potential for our international ministry in El Salvador. We look forward to taking more teams in to enhance the great work that is currently being done. I am also excited that our footprint in the Rio Grande Valley is increasing programmatically. I recently revisited the area and witnessed much need and opportunity for growth.

As we build new programs and expand current programs, the heart of who we are is still as it has been for 72 years. Our mission statement is: honoring God, reaching children and families with His love and truth, and enabling others to join us in this ministry. Please join me in prayer as we seek to be and do all God wants from us!

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2