Sometimes it’s a major breakthrough; other times it’s a small change of course that makes a big difference in the ultimate destination. These are the stories of life-changing moments in our ministries.

A New Direction   Living at STCH Ministries Homes for Children has provided an unexpected change of direction for Deray Davis. In the video above, he shares that his life was on course to a dead end. Everything changed when his grandmother brought him to Boothe Campus after his mother lost custody of him. Deray’s affection and respect for his grandmother are evident in his testimony. “My grandma just loves this place because it has an incredible impact on kids' lives,” says Deray. “My grandma loves the Lord, so this is probably the best place for me to be.” A dynamic young [...]

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Basing Marriages on Intentional Love

Strong families are the key to a strong society, and in order for a family to be strong, the marriage that is its foundation must also be healthy. One of the ways that the therapists from our Family Counseling ministry help marriages is by providing presentations, seminars, and workshops to groups both large and small. These presentations cover family, parenting, and marriage topics, approaching common issues from a biblical perspective. STCH Ministries will also tailor presentations to meet the needs of a specific group. One such class offered by our Victoria counseling office is called "Love Intentionally." The idea that drives [...]

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International Partnerships: Monte Plata

Ramon and Juana Prensa, from the Monte Plata Orphanage, began using their home to give street children an education about 20 years ago. Over time they established a permanent home for them. Later, the Kids Alive International mission organization partnered with them. Since 2007, STCH Ministries has also supported the home with a monthly donation, Texas Baptist Hunger Offering food deliveries, small construction and maintenance projects, and activities with the children. Mission teams have taken them to the children’s museum, the aquarium, plus many other activities. One of the great needs of this ministry has been a transitional home for the [...]

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International Partnerships: Higuey Boys Home

Cesar from the Higuey Boys Home exemplifies someone who allowed God’s Spirit to speak through him during the ordinary activities of his work-life. Cesar was a taxi driver in the small town of Higuey in the Dominican Republic. Every day was a challenge as he drove up and down city streets, always looking for another fare providing a few more pesos to meet the necessities of his family. Lunch time was a prime opportunity for fares and he often drove customers to eat at various restaurants. In the midst of his work pressures and responsibilities, God’s Spirit spoke to his [...]

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Raising Up the Next Generation

Debbie and her youngest son, Jonathan, pictured in June 2017. Debbie and her two-year-old son Jonathan live at our Homes for Families campus, a program designed to be a resource for single mothers during times of crisis while they transition into independent living. Sometimes the public only thinks of Homes for Families as a ministry to single moms, but it is every bit as much a ministry to their children. Little Jonathan is learning the ways of God while living at Homes for Families. He has learned to hold his hands together during meal-time prayers, including an enthusiastic "Amen!" [...]

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International Partnerships: Villa Altagracia

Our 2015 Vision Trip made a memorable stop in the small town of Villa Altagracia. Pastor Rodney and Nilsia’s school was referred to us by Pastor Rudy (from Iglesia Bautista Quisqueyana), who officiated at their marriage years before. The school was in a crowded apartment, desks jammed tightly together and some classes held in an outdoor lean-to. A banner proclaiming their vision hung over the doorway, EDUCANDO PARA LA ETERNIDAD (Educating for Eternity). In spite of the circumstances, the children enthusiastically smiled and sang and quoted Scripture to us. Rodney and Nilsia proudly showed us a rocky hill, overgrown with tropical [...]

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International Partnerships: Betesda Orphanage

Pastor Ramon and Ludis Castro, from the Betesda Orphanage in La Romana, Dominican Republic, have a strong faith in a great God. Through great financial stress and many obstacles, they have been very intentional in their four goals for their boys. First, a personal relationship with Christ as Savior; secondly, character formation; thirdly, an education and job skills; and fourth, the opportunity to grow up in a family environment. Although they longed to open their home to many more orphaned boys, their small rented home would not accommodate any more. In 2014, with the help of Dominican and STCH Ministries [...]

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International Partnerships: Raquel De Jesus

Raquel De Jesus Raquel began sharing Christ’s compassion for the poor while still a child herself, teaching street children seated on a board between cans. Raquel’s school grew and soon occupied a chicken coop. Heavy cardboard partitions divided the classes. STCH Ministries’ first visit to Raquel’s school was discouraging. Her faith and passion were the only pinpoints of hope. When asked how we could help, Raquel shyly bowed her head, explaining that the rusted tin roof leaked when it rained. Later, we returned to the Dominican Republic with good news: a donation for a new cement roof! However, [...]

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Providing Hope and Direction

STCH Ministries Family Counseling provides hope and direction for individuals, couples, children, and families when they need help sorting through the challenges of life. Kelly Harris, a therapist serving in Corpus Christi, shares with us how God is granting freedom to a client. I received a note from a client today who has been working with me for just a few sessions now. She wrote, "As you erased those items (from the whiteboard) and talked, it literally felt like you were erasing them from my life. It felt so freeing!" Of course, I had no idea of the impact of [...]

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Lessons Learned

Ashley Beck spent her summer as a STCH Ministries International summer intern in the Dominican Republic. She and four others served together from the base located on the grounds of Iglesia Bautista Quisqueyana (IBQ). The young people worked shoulder to shoulder with teams made up of volunteers from 15 different churches and STCH Ministries staff. The teams engaged in medical, construction, and teaching projects across the island nation. This year, construction projects were the priority. Four new houses were built over a period of three months. Each new home was for a child sponsored through Samuel’s Fund – a sponsorship [...]

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Healing Hearts and Sharing Hope