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STCH Ministries International opportunities continue to grow! Individuals, families, groups, churches, and organizations from throughout Texas and the United States are joining us to minister to children and families internationally.

Finding Potential with Limited Resources

One of the most difficult aspects of the Samuel’s Fund sponsorship program is choosing which children to sponsor. How we wish that resources were unlimited, but only God is limitless. So we must choose. We cannot go strictly on need. The criteria is not only need, but also potential. Potential includes a reasonable degree of support in the child’s environment—someone who will provide accountability for school and church attendance. It also includes a good attitude and willingness to invest efforts in their schoolwork. When those standards are met, our STCH Ministries team invests whatever it takes to help that child [...]

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God’s Blessings

“I have learned that God hears my prayers even about little things,” Abril Lorenzo shared. Abril is a 12-year-old sponsored child who longed to attend a drama presented by the Quisqueyana Baptist Church in the National Palace of Fine Arts. Abril knew that the possibility of paying for this would be impossible for her family. In the quiet of her own heart, she shared her desire with God. “Please, God, I would love to go to this drama.” How pleased she was when she learned that her sponsorship would pay for her ticket! For children to know Christ, grow in [...]

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Raquel’s School Update

In 2017, Ladies for the Least members voted on several projects, with the winning project being: International Ministry’s Raquel’s School in the Dominican Republic. Raquel’s School is providing a Christian education to children who might not otherwise have access to many educational opportunities. STCH Ministries has been involved with the school for several years, providing the means to rebuild the original broken-down building into a clean, solid, and well-equipped facility. The school has now grown to the point where more room is needed. A new extension would allow for more children to be reached and educational services provided. Ladies for [...]

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Gifts That Multiply

The end of the year brings the end of a semester in the Dominican Republic. Our sponsors will be blessed to know that their sponsorship not only blesses the child, but also helps to support the Christian schools they attend and orphanages where they live. The income from their sponsorships gives these ministries more economic stability. In addition to the income, the relationship created with STCH Ministries staff provides a source of input and guidance. Samuel’s Fund Director Rebeca Dinzey reports that the leadership of these ministries are using their board members to help, something which we have encouraged. In [...]

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Counting Blessings at Christ-MAS

In Spanish, MAS means MORE! This year we have experienced Christ’s MAS-- mas blessings, mas ministries, mas mission teams, mas children helped in schools and orphanages, mas Samuel’s Fund children, and mas sponsors. Our feelings echo with Apostle Paul’s explosion of adjectives and adverbs in Ephesians 3, Christ is and has done “exceedingly, superabundantly, immeasurably, above and beyond all we could ask or imagine!” One pastor, touched with the need of children, said, “Our church will sponsor all of the remaining children on the waiting list of Raquel’s school.” Another individual, inspired by the long-term vision to invest in Christian [...]

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He Knows My Name

Dios le bendiga! Greetings with the familiar ‘God bless you,’ from the Dominican Republic where Director Mark Lozuk and I spent time with our staff and DR partners last month. We also brought with us Victoria Orr, our administrative assistant who coordinates the myriads of details concerning over 200 Samuel’s Fund children and their sponsors. Victoria had never met these children in person and does not speak their language. Yet she recognized them and knew most of their names, just from their sponsorship photos. How delighted they were to be known by this “Americana” whom they had never met! I [...]

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Jesus and Education

Looking at desperate poverty, I recently asked, “What hope do these children have?” Without hesitation came the response, “Jesus and education.” In two words this sums up the purpose of Samuel’s Fund sponsorships. Thanks to sponsors, STCH Ministries is able to invest a tremendous amount of effort in the spiritual and educational development of children. In the Rosa Elena school, Rebeca Dinzey and Patria, Pastor Rudy’s wife, give weekly guidance. Teachers from the US have come to give training. Facility improvements continue through mission team efforts and the leadership of Russell Jerez. Three of our CLEP college students travel to [...]

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Wrapping Up the Summer

Rebeca and Valentina have been extremely busy, since the summer mission trips ended, getting all of the Samuel's Fund children back in school—getting children registered and their tuition paid, purchasing uniforms and the required shoes, and distributing the needed school supplies. They have been making their regular site visits to schools and orphanages, encouraging teachers and houseparents, and visiting the children. Rebeca shared that at Girasoles church and school, Pastor Joel has been taking a very active role in the spiritual development of their sponsored children. He reports that he has recruited several—Jennifer, Yafreisi, Michael, and Carlos—to help with a [...]

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Christian Leadership and Education Project (CLEP)

We call CLEP (Christian Leadership and Education Project) our “grown-up” Samuel’s Fund program. It is a scholarship program to allow qualified children who have graduated from high school to get a university education. To qualify, applicants need to maintain passing grades, demonstrate ministry leadership and a Christian lifestyle, and give back at least 10 hours per month to a younger Samuel’s Fund sponsored child, by either tutoring or discipling them. Carlos’ parents are divorced and his mom is limited in her ability to help. Carlos moved to Santo Domingo to attend university and struggled to work and support himself while [...]

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Melody’s oldest child, Melani, is a Samuel’s Fund sponsored child who attends Raquel’s school. Melody came by Rebeca Dinzey’s office with all three of her children to express gratitude to God and to STCH Ministries for blessings she had received. Although Melody was at work when the mission team delivered beds and groceries from the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering, a neighbor recorded a video of Melody’s reaction when she arrived at home, and she wanted to share it with us. We watched as Melody clasped her hands to her face, cried, laughed, picked up the edges of the sheets, and [...]

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