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A Life Worth Living

For almost 5 years, John Gilbert, Headmaster of Yorktown Christian Academy, dreamed and worked towards getting students and families involved in missions. He desired to help them see the needs of the world around them—both locally and internationally. John’s ultimate goal was to make YCA not only an excellent academic preparatory school, but also make the school a CALLING preparatory school. "I want each student to discover and develop their unique gifts in order to fulfill the callingGod has for each of them," he explained. "Thank God for STCH Ministries family trips! Families serving together has had the greatest impact [...]

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Collaborating for Kingdom Work

In 2006 STCH Ministries launched our International Ministry, reaching out to the Dominican Republic, and recently we have begun the process of exploring God’s direction in other countries, such as Costa Rica. The groundwork for our international expansion was contained in the principles of the STCH Ministries mission statement: Honoring God, helping hurting children and families, and enabling others to join us in this work. Honoring God through fulfilling the Great Commission—possibly there has never been a time when so many differing priorities compete for best use of resources. Multiple values, passions, opinions, and experiences affect the decision to expand [...]

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Faith to See Without the Evidence

Every year STCH Ministries invites pastors, Christian leaders, donors, and staff to join us in the Dominican Republic on a Vision Trip. Together we review what God has done through the collaborative efforts of Dominicans, mission team participants, and STCH Ministries. We also seek God’s vision for future ministries in this country as we actualize principles from the STCH Ministries mission and vision statements. “Honoring God, reaching hurting children and families, and enabling others to join us.” We desire “to show the love of Christ to every child and family, and create a culture where the needs of families are [...]

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The Story of Danilsa

On October 30, while sitting in her grandmother’s house, a truck careened out of control into the front room, seriously injuring Danilsa, and fracturing her right leg. Rebeca Dinzey, the Samuel’s Fund Director, was informed and she wrote, “She is at the public hospital in San Cristobal. Please inform her sponsor, and pray for her.” Born to impoverished parents, 10-year-old Danilsa lives in the tiny village of Hatillo. Her prospects for the future were similar to the generations of her family who preceded her. She has little value in a culture of poverty with too many children, but life was [...]

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The Cure for a Restless Heart

Our society is often defined as a “restless generation.”  The music group U2 poignantly illuminated this restlessness in their song, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”  Centuries ago St. Augustine famously wrote, “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in You.” Reflecting on those words, Audrey Assad said in a recent interview, “There’s something about that statement that feels primordial—as though all of humanity has been singing it throughout the centuries in some form or another.” It seems contradictory, impossible at best, that this heart peace could be experienced on a mission trip. Immersed in a [...]

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Stop, Look, Ask, and Walk

God told Jeremiah, STOP and look, ASK for eternal paths, then WALK (Jer. 6:16). We have taken time to follow those directions over the last two weeks. Leaving our Texas offices and our lengthy “to-do” lists behind, we traveled to Costa Rica, then back to the Dominican Republic. We looked at new opportunities in Costa Rica, accompanied by Eron Green and Mark Lozuk. A few days later, Mark and I traveled to the DR to review the growth and accomplishments during the summer mission experiences. Together with our International staff, we are asking God to give us an eternal perspective [...]

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Running the Race and Finishing Well

Looking back on the DR missions of summer 2017 is like looking back through the window while driving away from a fabulous family reunion—feeling blessed, cherishing special memories, already beginning to miss the relationships grown. Then, I turn around and face forward to begin the process of catching up—unpacking suitcases, loads of laundry, and how did the grass grow so fast? All while already planning for the “next” time! The blessings from this summer are impossible to count, and the impact of the many groups and their ministries will not fully be known until eternity. All together, 367 participants and [...]

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The Most Important Relationship

When a person gets involved at STCH Ministries, it is like being invited into a home. At the front door you are met by a staff member who says, “Come in, you are welcome here. Would you like a drink of water, perhaps a cup of coffee? Sit, rest a bit. Mi casa es tu casa. How can we serve you?” Someone is actually listening to you, and you feel a strange sensation. Is this what it means to “love thy neighbor”? A relationship begins as your priority needs are addressed, but the relationship with us is only the first [...]

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Resistant to Faith

The Bible defines faith as the evidence of things not seen. I have to admit the scandalous truth (for a Christian). I like the idea of faith. I am inspired by stories of faith—the faith of others, that is. But I don’t like to DO faith, not at all. Faith involves the unseen, the unforeseen. Faith involves moving forward when I don’t have it all together. Faith is only required when the storm overwhelms my ability to steer or bail water fast enough. I am very resistant to DOING faith. In fact, I do everything I can to avoid the [...]

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Ten Amazing Days

“And like a flood His mercy reigns Unending love, amazing grace” The words of Chris Tomlin’s song echo and pictures flash across the screen of my mind as I replay the last ten days here in the DR. I can visualize one young boy as he bent over, his small hands gripping the drill, struggling to get the screw into the wood. “I did it!” he yelled, with a fist pump into the air. Mission accomplished for that young child. We hosted teams from four great churches. At times the logistics, resources needed, and construction tasks seemed overwhelming. But God’s [...]

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