Collaborating to Equip Mothers

STCH MINISTRIES IS BLESSED to have nine ministries that work together to bring about life transformation. Recently, two ministries joined together to do just that. Alicia, Faith & Finances Site Coordinator in Corpus Christi, traveled once a week to our Homes for Families campus in Goliad to teach the moms from both campuses to develop a better understanding of finances.

After the first class, one mom returned, expressing that, for the first time, she could foresee making it on her own. Learning how to manage finances and embarking on a career path began to reverse the negative messages her adoptive mother had instilled during her upbringing. The mothers collectively reflected on how this class would reshape their financial perspectives and help them break free from the chains that had held them down.

After 12 weeks, the mothers graduated from the Faith & Finances course and celebrated their newfound freedom. The mothers wanted to share their gratitude for all that the class did for them.

“I can say that this course has helped me understand the simplicity of money management and that the difficulty of any sin lies with my temptation and desires. With surrender to God, I’m able to manage my money in the proper order. I’m excited about stewardship of my finances and that I’ll be able to teach my children, my friends and my family, most importantly leading through modeling. I’m honored and grateful. Thank you for showing up and showing out in my life through this course and STCH Ministries.” – Kyana

“Being at STCH Ministries, I’ve seen how people are freely able to give and give joyfully unto the Lord, taking care of God’s people. I have realized how important it is to put God first through Faith & Finances and see it in real life. Now, I also understand the importance of long-term savings and emergency funds. My son will be taken care of, and I can trust in God with my finances.” – Jasmyne

“This class has reminded me to only get needs and not wants. I have learned to make a budget for my time away from Homes for Families, and I have succeeded with not going over and coming back with money left over.” – Kisha

“I’m grateful for STCH Ministries and the Faith & Finances class because it has taught me how to budget my money based on determining my needs and my wants. I’m learning the importance of having an emergency savings set aside.” – Brandy

These are just a few examples of how this Faith & Finances class brought change in the hearts and minds of our Homes for Families residents. We are excited to share that they will now begin taking our Faith & Work class as well. Equipping these moms to thrive and rely on God in life after Homes for Families is what this program is all about. We are thankful that these ministries can work together to accomplish that.