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Thankful For The Past, But Anticipating The Future

THANK YOU! 2018 was a year to remember and celebrate the goodness of our Lord and Savior. Our donors, churches, foundations and many others are appreciated for the sacrifice and committed partnership to STCH Ministries. In 2018, 15,301 individuals were served in one or more of our nine distinct ministries. Please take a look at what God is doing at STCH Ministries. 83 Children, at Boothe Campus, enjoyed exciting experiences such as attending youth camp, FFA project animals, and activities at church; along with receiving the basic necessities in a protected, loving home at Homes for Children. 17 College [...]

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What is #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday is described by organizers as “a global day of giving, fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.” It began in 2012 and has exploded thanks to social networking. Last year in the United States, $274 million was raised online in one day! #GivingTuesday always takes place the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, which has long marked the opening of the holiday season. The date was strategically chosen to follow in the wake of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it creates a tradition that celebrates generosity and goodwill. STCH Ministries has been a part of #GivingTuesday for the past two [...]

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Volunteering at STCH Ministries

Faith & Work volunteers Part of our mission at STCH Ministries is to enable others to join us in ministering to children and families. If God is calling you to serve with us, here are some of the ways you can share Christ’s love with others. Pray for us! We desire for God to use STCH Ministries in mighty ways to do His work. Pray for those we serve to ultimately know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Pray for our staff to have the love, wisdom, and faithfulness they need for the roles that God [...]

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There and Back Again

On a blazing hot afternoon in early June, four adults and six young people gathered in front of the chapel on Boothe Campus for a word of prayer, and then piled into a passenger van to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. It was not a vacation nor a senior trip that lit up their eyes with excitement. In fact, they had a great deal of work ahead of them in weather even hotter than the Texas sun. Instead, their enthusiasm came from their purpose: this group was on a mission to share the love of Christ with [...]

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Staying Connected

The neglect and abandonment of children is a nationwide problem. STCH Ministries is part of a nationwide solution. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, nearly half a million children are in foster care and children’s homes throughout the nation, and more are added every day. The sheer magnitude of the need is beyond the capacity of any single institution or agency. At STCH Ministries we believe that collaboration with other like-minded, Christian organizations is essential if we want to address the big-picture issues of family brokenness in our world. In the last issue of the [...]

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Honor and Memorial Gifts

As the calendar winds down and our thoughts turn to the holidays, we begin to think not only about how we will observe the traditional festivities but also what we can give to those most special to us. Often, not just any gift will do, we want our present to recognize the important place they hold in our hearts. May we suggest an honor gift made to STCH Ministries? Honor and memorial gifts are thoughtful ways you can personally contribute to the ongoing care of children in South Texas. An honor gift is a contribution you make in honor of [...]

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Biblical Finances

"In most cases the answer for a couple in financial difficulties is personal discipline - not more money." - Larry Burkett Nothing can substitute for having personal discipline and self control, and that also goes for managing your finances. At times families taking our Faith & Finances class come expecting an easy-to-follow formula for solving all their financial woes. In class we share biblical guidelines from God's Word, lessons like: being content and faithful with your resources the borrower is slave to the lender having a plan for the future having an accountability partner providing for your family generously giving [...]

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When Golf is More Than a Game

Golf can be many things: relaxing, challenging, thrilling, or infuriating. It is a pastime for some, a way of life for others. But at the STCH Ministries Golf Classic, golf takes on a new dimension. No longer is it just a game; it is a “game-changer” for the lives of children and families in need. Every year, dozens of teams gather for some friendly competition on the golf course while at the same time raising funds to support the work of STCH Ministries. All of the children in care benefit from this event, but the ones most impacted are the [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight

Julie Strayer has a passion for teaching money management, and she can’t imagine not doing so. As a volunteer teacher for STCH Ministries Faith & Finances, Julie helps individuals, couples, and entire families learn how to make a spending plan, manage debt and loans, live more simply, and set goals for saving. “Faith and Finances is the best title in the world to me,” Julie explained, “because I’m sold out on people getting their finances in order and I’m sold out on faith.” “Julie Strayer is one of the most passionate and high energy volunteers we have ever met!” said [...]

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Together Again

The story of a family, like that of an individual, can take many twists and turns along the road of life, and few know this better than the Parker siblings. Over the past fifteen years, seven Parker children have called Boothe Campus home; the oldest five are now grown, and thirteen-year-old Laura, the youngest, is still a resident at Love Cottage. Eighteen-year-old Josh, a brand new high school graduate, stands in the middle with one foot across the line of adulthood while he savors his last summer before starting college. To look at them now, one can see great [...]

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Healing Hearts and Sharing Hope