Faithfulness in Homes for Families

Kisha arrived at Homes for Families Bluebonnet Ranch at the end of October after patiently waiting for an opening. She had broken free from a long-term abusive relationship with the father of her four children in May and found a temporary safe place with her aunt and uncle. After a while, Kisha knew it was time for the next step in healing for her family. She knew the Lord but after years of abuse, her self-worth and confidence were completely shattered.

Immediately upon arriving at Homes for Families Kisha sought how she could draw close to the Lord and teach her children the love of Jesus. Within two weeks her oldest son gave his life to Christ and now reads his Bible to his younger siblings every night before bed. The others have a hunger for the Lord and they desire to be baptized like their big brother! Kisha always worked and felt like she was never allowed to parent her children. She is now a mom who boldly points her children to the Lord. She is so excited about their future and thanks God for their many blessings.

Below is a photo of her oldest son’s baptism and one of her other sons on his birthday receiving a bike from generous donors. The children were never allowed to play outside with other kids and did not know how to ride bikes. They’re thrilled to be outside playing with their friends now!