A New Direction


Living at STCH Ministries Homes for Children has provided an unexpected change of direction for Deray Davis. In the video above, he shares that his life was on course to a dead end. Everything changed when his grandmother brought him to Boothe Campus after his mother lost custody of him.

Deray’s affection and respect for his grandmother are evident in his testimony. “My grandma just loves this place because it has an incredible impact on kids’ lives,” says Deray. “My grandma loves the Lord, so this is probably the best place for me to be.”

A dynamic young man with an engaging smile, Deray describes the many positive aspects of life at Homes for Children. “It’s like having your own neighborhood around you. The kids are always wanting to come and play with you or talk to you.”

Deray also acknowledges the spiritual significance for the young people living on campus, saying that it “brings us closer to God.” He has had many new faith-growing experiences at STCH Ministries, including the opportunity to go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic through our International ministry.

Children come to live at Homes for Children for many reasons. Sometimes a parent or grandparent is facing health problems. Other times, there may be substance abuse issues or a temporary season of crisis for the family. Whatever the cause, we are here to give children like Deray the hope of a new direction in life.