Basing Marriages on Intentional Love

Strong families are the key to a strong society, and in order for a family to be strong, the marriage that is its foundation must also be healthy.

One of the ways that the therapists from our Family Counseling ministry help marriages is by providing presentations, seminars, and workshops to groups both large and small. These presentations cover family, parenting, and marriage topics, approaching common issues from a biblical perspective. STCH Ministries will also tailor presentations to meet the needs of a specific group.

One such class offered by our Victoria counseling office is called “Love Intentionally.” The idea that drives this teaching series is simple: most marriages don’t fail because of a lack of love, they fail due to a lack of grace. The syllabus bundles teaching, discussion, comedy, games, and a couple’s scavenger hunt, all designed to allow couples to reconnect and communicate. The amount of variety in the class is by design. The therapist leading the class explains, “Participants will remember only some of what we teach, but all of what they experience together.”

To schedule a presentation, seminar, or workshop, give us a call at 1.833.83.STCHM or email