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STCH Ministries Family Counseling provides hope and direction for countless individuals, couples, children, and families when they need help sorting through the challenges of life.

Basing Marriages on Intentional Love

Strong families are the key to a strong society, and in order for a family to be strong, the marriage that is its foundation must also be healthy. One of the ways that the therapists from our Family Counseling ministry help marriages is by providing presentations, seminars, and workshops to groups both large and small. These presentations cover family, parenting, and marriage topics, approaching common issues from a biblical perspective. STCH Ministries will also tailor presentations to meet the needs of a specific group. One such class offered by our Victoria counseling office is called "Love Intentionally." The idea that drives [...]

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Providing Hope and Direction

STCH Ministries Family Counseling provides hope and direction for individuals, couples, children, and families when they need help sorting through the challenges of life. Kelly Harris, a therapist serving in Corpus Christi, shares with us how God is granting freedom to a client. I received a note from a client today who has been working with me for just a few sessions now. She wrote, "As you erased those items (from the whiteboard) and talked, it literally felt like you were erasing them from my life. It felt so freeing!" Of course, I had no idea of the impact of [...]

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Family Counseling Up to 17 Locations with New Office

STCH Ministries opened a new Family Counseling office in Richmond, Texas, making seventeen locations in all. The new office is hosted by Water’s Edge Community Church and provides professional counseling services that are distinctively Christian. Randy Beck, pastor at Water’s Edge, is optimistic about this new venue for reaching out to the church’s neighborhood. “We are always looking for ways to show compassionate care for the community. It is great to see families walk through the door of a church – not for worship services but because they are broken and know they need help,” Pastor Beck explains. “STCH therapists [...]

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Raising Highly Capable Kids

STCH Ministries Family Counseling is pleased to announce a new 13-week course to help parents excel at one of life’s hardest jobs. “Raising Highly Capable Kids” will begin Wednesday, September 12 at Grace Point Church Medical Campus in San Antonio, and the class will be led by Dosely Antongiorgi, regional counseling director for San Antonio. The curriculum was developed by RezilientKidz in partnership with Search Institute. Their “40 Developmental Assets” include attributes such as honesty, integrity, parental involvement, self-esteem, and religious community. According to the publisher, these essential building blocks "not only help parents raise healthy, caring, and responsible children but [...]

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Licensed Professionals Provide Affordable Counseling at FBCC

This article highlights our counseling office in Castroville and was written by Ginger Carnes. It originally appeared in the FBC of Castroville "Connections Newsletter" in August 2018. Is your marriage in crisis? Do you have a concern about one of your children or your spouse? Has your family been fractured and you need help moving on? Your church has a convenient and economical counselor available to help. Counseling can help parents be better parents and can help children communicate with the parents. The counselors also help couples with problems in their marriage and those who are going through separation or divorce. Through STCH Ministries, a [...]

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Grief Brings Joy

This article was written by Karen Knowlton, Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist at STCH Ministries. You would think that this title is an oxymoron, but I will explain this title as I go on with my story. Grief Share was introduced to me about two years ago. I had to participate in order to lead a group through the course. During that time, I was able to deal with some of my own unresolved grief. I had lost my Mom, my Dad, and then my brother-in-law that I had known since I was about eight years old. He became [...]

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Marriage Counseling

A husband and wife in the San Antonio area felt hopeless about their marriage so they turned to STCH Ministries Family Counseling. Over the course of their sessions, they got very intentional about spending time together and reading the books suggested to them by their counselor. They made sure to never miss a counseling session and took to heart the topics discussed in each session. They were diligent to show forgiveness to their spouse and sought understanding too. Recently they reported that their three daughters have noticed such a big change in their marriage. Their middle daughter, who had completely withdrawn [...]

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Suicide Is Preventable

Suicide is preventable and mental illness is manageable—and you don’t have to walk this journey alone. This is the message that we share with parents and teens. Recently a local pastor called our counseling office in San Antonio thanking our staff for sharing this message with him, his staff, and families in his church. The presentation raised awareness about suicide prevention, depression, grief, and steps to follow when someone is suicidal. Because we were able to have these hard conversations, this pastor new exactly what to do when one of the teens he ministers to approached him about having suicidal [...]

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Latcham Earns Play Therapy Credential

This news article originally appeared in the The Karnes Countywide on Wednesday, May  30, 2018. Lisa Latcham, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, of Beeville, earned the prestigious Registered Play Therapist (RPT) credential conferred by the Association for Play Therapy (APT), according to its CEO Kathryn Lebby. Latcham is a licensed professional counselor, a national certified counselor, and a certified school counselor. She is employed by STCH Ministries as a family therapist in Beeville, located at the First Baptist Church, and at Homes for Children on Boothe Campus near Mineral. She earned her bachelor's degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, and her master's degree from [...]

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Blessed by the Ministry

Boothe Campus Bee County, Texas Recently a woman excitedly walked into one of our counseling offices in San Antonio and shared her "STCH story". She once lived at Boothe Campus with her siblings. Her father had been left alone with several children and could not take care of all of them, so he placed them at South Texas Children's Home. She told our staff member, "The children's home saved me and my siblings." She spoke fondly of her memories at the children's home--it was amazing to bear witness to the fruit of those that have poured countless hours [...]

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