Summer Camp = Changed Lives

Several of our students from Homes for Children (HFC) experienced camp for the first time this year and for more than one, it was life-changing. 22 of our students enjoyed a week of comradery, fellowship and inspiration at Camp Zephyr. The camp was led by M3 Camps with worship led by The Mike Romero Worship Band and speaker Shane Pruitt. The goal of the week was to lead the students towards finding their purpose in Christ.

During the week, the HFC students experienced a renewed affection for Jesus through worship and the message. Each of the students left camp transformed by the words, music and the physical aspect of worship. One young man new to HFC this year said the worship experience was the best of his life. As he looked around he noticed each individual was having a personal conversation with God while singing and was awestruck by the sensation of connectedness to Christ and to those around him. “I definitely loved worshipping, reaching out to Him, crying out to him. It was amazing to see what God can do, and to understand how God can handle my problems.”

The week changed three of our students lives forever. For one of the students, the worship songs and message began softening her heart from the first evening of camp. The second night of camp she decided to make a life-changing decision. She explained, “That night I asked God to be in my heart, to take all my sins away and help me to be a new person.”

Eternal change is the goal for each of the students at HFC, to come to know the radical saving love of Jesus Christ and be forever changed. The students came home with renewed spirits and their eyes opened to God’s purpose for their lives. STCH Ministries is thankful for organizations like Camp Zephyr and M3 Camps for their continued drive to help change the lives of students.