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Passionate about sharing my Christian faith. A dynamic public speaker and writer who has worked to communicate cross cultural experiences to multiple audiences. Committed to prayer as a strategy both in personal and public life. Dedicated individual committed to building interpersonal relationships especially among women for the purpose of bringing glory to God.

The Sacredness of Work

“I GET UP EVERY DAY and go to work because I have to earn a living. I come home frustrated and exhausted, only to get up the next day and do it all over again. Then the weekend comes and I have a break. But by Sunday evening I have knots in my stomach when I think about doing it all over again on Monday morning. Is this all there is to life?” a friend messaged. How can we find meaning in our work? Is it just about making money, buying stuff, keeping up with the neighbors?” Recent research [...]

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The Healing Power of Normalcy

NORMAL. A WORD EVERYONE understands, and yet most find it difficult to agree on its meaning. My favorite definition is “the usual, average or typical state or condition.” I can assure you that what was normal for me growing up as the oldest of two in the suburbs of Houston, Texas was not normal for my husband, the only son and youngest of four on a farm in North Georgia. Our children’s experiences as missionary kids crisscrossing the northern and southern hemispheres add a completely different flavor of “normal” to our family. However, there are several elements common to [...]

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Virtual Tour

Safe. Peaceful. Hopeful. These are words often used to describe Boothe Campus, where our Homes for Children ministry is located. It is not just the child residents who recognize the exceptional atmosphere. The feeling is evident as you drive through the gates up to the main buildings. Jeff Brewer, Director of Development, believes there is a holy anointing on the property as a result of the sixty-six years of faithful obedience to God from the first day of the ministry’s existence. Obedience to God has been the number one priority from the very beginning when Jess Lunsford founded the South [...]

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Relentlessly Pursued by God

The Bible makes it clear that God is active and present in each individual’s life whether they recognize Him or not. Jeremiah 29:11 shows us that God has a plan for our good and He is dedicated to working out that plan even if it means disrupting what we have planned for ourselves. This was certainly the case for Maria Hart, one of the moms currently living with her two teenage daughters, Valerie and Brook, at STCH Ministries Homes for Families. As she looks back on where God has brought her from, Maria realizes, “He took my kids away. He [...]

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Ladies for the Least Special Project Nearing Completion

Ladies for the Least is a giving society of women who are passionate about impacting children and families in need, those who are among the least. The group raises money for special projects directly benefitting STCH Ministries, projects which are not included in the ministry's general operating budget. In April 2018, Ladies for the Least members voted to fund a project at Boothe Campus to revitalize recreational zones and repurpose an underutilized building. The work of the project includes: Renovation of the old library into transitional apartments Creation of a prayer garden and fire pit Renewal of recreational areas for [...]

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Meeting of Baptist Children’s Homes Inspires Teamwork

Development & Communications team members from STCH Ministries in New Mexico at the Connections Conference. Baptist organizations have been providing care for widows and orphans for over 100 years, adhering to the biblical mandate of James 1:27.  On September 9 - 11, 2018, STCH Ministries participated in the Connections Conference, the annual meeting of the Association of Baptist Children’s Home Professionals, which brings together organizations from across the country to collaborate on development and communications topics.  This year's conference was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Southern Baptists have long held their commitment to cooperation and enduring strength of [...]

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Cans for Kids

Cans for Kids is a project that allows Texas churches to take an active, practical role in the day to day, bread and butter of caring for children. The strategy is simple: a church, Sunday school class, or small group sets a time frame to collect canned goods for the children at STCH Ministries Homes for Children and delivers them to the commissary at Boothe Campus. The process is customizable – be it a church-wide contest between small groups or a simple way for children to participate in ministry. STCH Ministries staff members are available as guest speakers to either [...]

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Mental Health Training Surpasses Expectations at iCare Conference

The second annual iCare conference, presented by STCH Ministries with support from the Blanche Davis Moore Foundation, was held on August 9, 2018, in Victoria, Texas. STCH Ministries created the iCare conference to equip "people who help people". This event brought together more than thirty presenters from ten area organizations, who provided training and resources for dealing with tough topics and mental health issues, including suicide, addiction, divorce, depression, anxiety, and others. The mental health crisis in our country touches nearly every family. STCH Ministries is working to bring relief through donation-based counseling and recognizes that many other individuals and [...]

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Healing Hearts and Sharing Hope