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Passionate about sharing my Christian faith. A dynamic public speaker and writer who has worked to communicate cross cultural experiences to multiple audiences. Committed to prayer as a strategy both in personal and public life. Dedicated individual committed to building interpersonal relationships especially among women for the purpose of bringing glory to God.

No Longer Bound

Julia, a new resident at STCH Ministries Homes for Families (HFF), moved to Marshall Ranch determined to commit her heart to Jesus and to give her infant daughter Jordan a good life. After ending a bad relationship, she knew the time had come to break the abusive pattern. HFF allows mothers and their children to live in a safe, comfortable home setting as supportive staff help address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the family. There are four phases in the program: Phase I – The Restorative, Phase II – The Equipping, Phase III – The Launch, Phase IV [...]

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In Permanent Ink

Desirae, a STCH Ministries Family Counselor in Corpus Christi recently experienced God’s encouragement when He used her to make a difference in a young lady’s life. This client, a high school senior, struggled with low self-esteem, eating problems, getting along with her mom, anxiety and family adjustments. Desirae worked with her throughout the school year with a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help her understand and change any irrational thinking patterns she had developed. This client struggled with a thinking pattern known as emotional reasoning. Sometimes identified as “Feelings as Facts,” this distortion causes the belief if you [...]

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Ladies for the Least

STCH Ministries Ladies for the Least (LFTL), a generous group dedicated to impacting children and families in need, held their annual luncheon at the Junior League of Houston. The elegant affair raised resources for a special project benefitting those helped through the nine services of STCH Ministries. LFTL began over five years ago. This year’s program created a “behind the scenes” peek into the lives of individuals who have experienced the benefits of STCH Ministries first-hand. Personal testimonies fascinated the crowd as they spoke about the impact STCH Ministries made on their lives. A housemom at Homes for Children (HFC), [...]

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A Conference For People Who Help People

Professionals on the front lines of caring for others were all represented at STCH Ministries’ 3rd annual iCare Conference this month in Victoria, Texas. Emergency first responders, pastors, teachers, counselors and politicians all battle the epidemic that is the mental health crisis facing our homes, schools, churches and communities around the country. STCH Ministries Family Counseling provided a resource to equip those who work with the public for their tasks. iCare, a conference for people who help people once again provided quality training for those who work in the industry. care Coming from all across South Texas, over 200 participants, [...]

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Dollars and Sense

Each summer, Homes for Children junior high and high school students gain a sense of purpose and a paycheck through the Vocational Training Program (VTP). For two weeks, our students take part in a working environment where they learn how to apply for a position, learn how to work under a supervisor, learn new skills and learn how to work with their peers. Participating staff members demonstrate appropriate supervisory skills, problem-solving, communication and servant leadership to the students. Caseworkers and houseparents use the students' participation in the VTP to begin conversations about financial integrity, budgeting and stewardship. Other staff supervisors [...]

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Family, Faith & Finances

Family, education, community service and participation in their local church have helped guide the Rosales family of San Antonio through life. Recently, Eva Rosales saw a flyer at her YMCA for a STCH Ministries Faith & Finances (FF) class. The idea that the Bible had something to say about her finances intrigued her. Her aunt, Maria Rosales, and daughter, Marriah Miranda, were also excited when she mentioned the class to them. Although the three ladies are in different stages of life, the opportunity to learn together in the study appealed to them. Faith & Finances is a life skills training [...]

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Summer Camp = Changed Lives

Several of our students from Homes for Children (HFC) experienced camp for the first time this year and for more than one, it was life-changing. 22 of our students enjoyed a week of comradery, fellowship and inspiration at Camp Zephyr. The camp was led by M3 Camps with worship led by The Mike Romero Worship Band and speaker Shane Pruitt. The goal of the week was to lead the students towards finding their purpose in Christ. During the week, the HFC students experienced a renewed affection for Jesus through worship and the message. Each of the students left camp transformed [...]

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Stella’s Story

On a cold night in the mid-1950s, Stella’s parents left their home never to return. Frightened, Stella and her six siblings walked to their grandmother’s cottage for refuge. When their grandmother could not raise them on her small pension, San Antonio authorities sought assistance from STCH Ministries. STCH Ministries Homes for Children (HFC) became a haven for young Stella and her siblings. Her lifelong commitment to worshipping Jesus began when her housemom taught her to play piano and sing. Five of the siblings were adopted but she chose to stay with her remaining sister. The children’s home provided Stella [...]

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Emerging Butterflies

ELEGANTLY DRESSED young women seemed to float through the festive room as they served homemade lasagna. The colors and sounds inside reflected the blooms and butterflies outside on this early spring day. Guests gathered to celebrate the courageous women dedicated to the ambitious undertaking of rebuilding their lives at STCH Ministries’ Homes for Families (HFF) Appreciation Banquet. Located just outside of Goliad, TX, HFF on Marshall Ranch Campus is currently home to eleven mothers and thirty-one children. These families are linked by traumatic pasts and a determination to be the change that breaks the cycle of a lifetime of [...]

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Remembering Diane

APRIL 6, 2019, outside of LaGrange, Texas, Diane Gryseels and several family members lost their lives in a tragic car accident. Diane Gryseels is remembered for her passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ by everyone who knew her. STCH Ministries staff, residents, and clients were all impacted by her life. Diane served over four decades through multiple positions across STCH Ministries, which means only Heaven knows the exact numbers of lives changed by her witness. She began as a caseworker in 1966 fresh from earning her Master of Social Work through Worden School of Social Service at Our [...]

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