International Partnerships: Monte Plata

Ramon and Juana Prensa, from the Monte Plata Orphanage, began using their home to give street children an education about 20 years ago. Over time they established a permanent home for them. Later, the Kids Alive International mission organization partnered with them. Since 2007, STCH Ministries has also supported the home with a monthly donation, Texas Baptist Hunger Offering food deliveries, small construction and maintenance projects, and activities with the children. Mission teams have taken them to the children’s museum, the aquarium, plus many other activities.

One of the great needs of this ministry has been a transitional home for the young people who age out of the home. By law they cannot stay here after they graduate from high school or turn 18 years of age. In 2016, STCH Ministries Ladies for the Least members voted to fund the Esther House, an apartment-style home that would house graduates while they continue their education or begin apprentice-style training to fully equip them to be self-supporting adults. Partnering with Kids Alive, our construction projects coordinator Russell Jerez and contractor Luis Pichardo got the home ready for occupancy in September 2016. The vision is to build at least one more home on the adjoining property.

The home has experienced struggles and changes, as all ministries do, but STCH Ministries has consistently walked with them, sharing encouragement and guidance. Today, Ramon and Juana continue to serve faithfully while they pray for new and younger directors to take their place. We share their love for their children, their priorities of education and faith, their policy of caring for children in a home environment, and their hope for the future.