Health Journey with Homes for Families

Our Homes for Families residents from both Marshall and Bluebonnet campuses were recently blessed by Nicole Pedraza with Yoked Fitness, a Christian-based fitness group that helps people meet their personal health goals. Nicole gave an informative presentation on health and exercise to the residents and staff at the new Petty Acres Children’s Center on Marshall Campus. She had everyone complete a personal goal sheet which she will use to put a personalized training program together for each person. Nicole will meet with everyone as a group and individually in the coming weeks and months as she helps them accomplish their health goals! They kicked off their health journey by making a healthy meal for the presentation which consisted of baked fish, salad, guacamole and fruit. 
Nicole is currently a student at the University of Houston-Victoria and will be doing her internship hours while working with our residents and staff. We’re thankful for Nicole and Yoked Fitness for investing her time and resources!