Shearer Hills Donations and Visit to Boothe Campus

STCH Ministries is thankful for partnerships with local churches like Shearer Hills in San Antonio. Back in June, they chose STCH Ministries to be their mission’s emphasis for VBS. They held a competition for boys vs. girls to see who could raise the most money throughout the week and also collected breakfast food items and household products. By the end of the week, the children raised over $2,000 and collected a large number of tangible items.Last week, a group of pre-teen girls from Shearer Hills traveled down to the Boothe Campus to deliver the items and a check. The commissary staff was amazed at the number of items delivered which included cereal, pop-tarts, toilet paper, paper towels and two bikes. During their visit, they toured the campus and had the chance to meet some of the children who live on campus. They shared what this opportunity meant to them and started planning their next trip down, where they hope to spend the night and do service projects on the campus.

We want to thank Shearer Hills and all the other churches that make an impact in the lives of children and families by partnering with STCH Ministries. We could not do what we do without people like you!