Finding Purpose

Thank you for taking time to read our Messenger! On May 1st, we celebrated our 68th anniversary as an organization impacting the lives of children and families. What a blessing it is to look back and see how God has led and blessed through the many years. Throughout those years, we have always used crisis situations and scenarios as an opportunity to engage with those in need.

If you reflect back on our roots as an organization, we were solely committed to providing healthy homes for children that needed them. The crisis was clear; children without a healthy place to call home and the need was great. This crisis, and a great deal of prayer, caused Laura Boothe to donate the property for our Homes for Children campus. This crisis, and again prayer, also caused Jess Lunsford to accept the responsibility of leading us as an organization into existence.

Merriam-Webster defines the word crisis as a difficult or dangerous situation that needs serious attention. Interestingly enough, when we face crisis situations, we have two responses; fight or flight. In other words, we can do something about the crisis or we can turn our eyes away and act like it doesn’t exist.

We are all currently looking eye-to-eye with the crisis called COVID-19. This virus has taken lives and livelihoods, not only here in the United States, but around the world. We have had to temporarily adapt all of our ministries to keep our staff and those we serve safe from this pandemic. But I can proudly say, through it all, we have persevered and The Ministry has Continued! In fact, we have flourished and grown. We have created new and innovative ways to conduct ministry.

As we look at the greatest leaders and organizations, crisis has always been a catalyst to find purpose, to ACT! Our purpose or mission statement is very clear and COVID-19 has not changed it: honoring God, reaching hurting children and families with His love and truth and enabling others to join us in this ministry. Our operations may have temporarily adapted because of COVID-19 but children are still being provided safe and healthy homes to live in and all our other ministries are flourishing as well.

I pray for us all that this time of crisis is used as an opportunity to find or reinvigorate our purpose. I pray we all commit in a new way to live our lives in a manner that would please our heavenly Father. So much good can and is coming from this crisis. Take this opportunity to reset and make the changes that need to be made. What will you do?