Students Giving Back

Last week, students from STCH Ministries Homes for Children traveled to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip with STCH Ministries International. The week started with them building bookshelves to deliver to an orphanage. They took turns cutting, drilling and sanding the pieces until five bookshelves were completed and ready to be delivered the following day. They enjoyed seeing their finished pieces installed at the orphanage when they went for a visit which also included activities with the kids at the orphanage and a tea party for the house moms. The rest of the week they spent digging a trench for the foundation of a new house. The house belongs to the family of two Samuel’s Fund students and other mission teams will work to complete the house throughout the summer. Through the heat, the students pushed to finish the trench before they left. Dominican ministry partners commented on how impressed they were by the work ethic of the students. The students also hosted a VBS for a local church and loved getting to interact with the kids despite the language barrier. Throughout the week the students talked about the impact the week had on their lives, from gaining an appreciation for the opportunities they have to learning how to find joy and thank God even for the small things or hard times. All of them were excited to come back home and share how God moved through them and in them. STCH Ministries is thankful for the opportunity for these two ministries to work together to change lives.