The Ministry Continues – Surviving the Hot Texas Summer!

Dear Friends, 

I hope you are enjoying a typically hot summer. Although it may be amongst uncertain circumstances, one thing is certain – we can always expect sunny, humid and drenchingly hot summers throughout South Texas.

We can also always count on creating summer memories on the campuses too! 
Though it may be hot, our campuses are full of smiles, laughter and hot glistening sweaty faces. God’s Glory shines bright on those glistening faces which we (including you) are serving!

We are in awe of God’s continued blessings upon our ministry and those we serve. Thank you for being part of the glory which God provides.

Here are a few highlights of summer memories at the Boothe Campus and Marshall Ranch.

Thank you for helping the Ministry Continue!

 A Housedad Recalls
  “A former student who graduated is back at Homes for Children for summer break from college, and he asked me for a ride to town so he could get a haircut. I said yes, and we headed into town with my father-in-law who came along for the ride.

As we were making the 25-minute trip to Beeville my father-in-law asked him, “What is one of the best moments in your life?

The young man responded, “Just spending time talking about things of God and discussing the Bible with my housedad and my relief housedad.

His answer is such a blessing! Some of the sweetest moments and relationships made on the campus between kids and houseparents can make a big impact on their lives, creating memories for a lifetime.

 A Former Student at Homes for Children Remembers

“One of the most memorable things for me while growing up on the Boothe Campus, was when I asked my housemom for permission to do something. She told me I needed to go ask PopThe reason she directed me to my housedad, was because she knew that I had never had a father-daughter relationship and it was important that I learn how to do that.”

Some children who come to live at the Boothe Campus may not have strong parental relationships. Therefore when they connect to their houseparents, they are able to develop relationships with parental figures. Although our houseparents are not intended to replace biological parents, they are in place to provide stability, trust, guidance, love and support as they serve our children while in our care.

A Mom Creates Memories with Her Daughters
  The thrill and excitement of achievement creates a life-long memory. This summer we were excited and proud to celebrate one of our moms at Homes for Families. Brittney successfully graduated high school and received her diploma! She is now planning to take training courses to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at La Bahia Nursing Home in Goliad, later this Fall. 

Our Homes for Families staff and residents threw Brittney a graduation party, and her two daughters were there to celebrate with her. She diligently sacrificed to make a change for her life and in the lives of her daughters. Brittney provided the example to her daughters – that grit, determination and hard work can change lives. Not only is she making an impact in her life, but for generations to come! 

 Splish Splash!
The memories of a hot sunny day are filled with sounds of laughter and screams of joy. The gush of water as kids fly down water slides, fun competitive outdoor games and the satisfied craving of Chic-Fil-A all made a FUN-FILLED day provided by a group of donors.

Jason Moore from Buffco Productions and Donald and Terra Calloway from Legacy Safety threw this FUN SUMMER party for our children. HUGE smiles were found on everyone’s faces!

We are grateful to have a diverse group of supporters who find creative ways to bring fun to our children’s lives and create memories!

These summer memories and SO MANY OTHERS are just a glimpse into how God is working to heal, restore and encourage lives.

Those which STCH Ministries serves, including you and me, are all benefiting by seeing the glistening glory of God’s grace and mercy. Whether it be in the drenching hot Texas summer sun, or as you continue to navigate life during COVID-19; God’s Presence does not leave, nor does He forsake you. (Hebrew 13:5)

Thank you for helping the Ministry Continue!

Kyle Luke
Vice President of Development and Communications
STCH Ministries