The Ministry Continues – The Impact of Homes for Families

Dear Friends,

I hope you are remaining healthy and safe, and are conservatively beginning to get back into some sort of new routine as we start to venture out into public spaces. We all have different thoughts and opinions on COVID-19 and the restrictions it has placed on our lives. But in the midst of it all, I’m prayerful you have had some sort of positive impact in your life. 

We remain thankful and grateful for YOU – as you remain committed to STCH Ministries. Each one of you impacts our ministry, and we are so thankful! 

I’m thankful for all of you every time I pray, and it’s always a prayer full of joy.
– Philippians 1:4
 The Ministry Continues because of YOU!


We currently have 10 moms and 27 of their children in our care at Homes for Families on the Marshall Ranch Campus. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to see the impact in the lives of our moms, children and our staff who work with them – especially
during the COVID-19 season. Homes for Families is designed to be a resource for single mothers and their children who are facing a crisis and need help transitioning into independent living.

Our hope is that each mother will transition into a successful, independent future with her family as well as a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

We recently asked how COVID-19 has impacted the lives of those living and thriving on the campus. 

The generosity of donors and volunteers who pray over this ministry makes these stories a testament to God’s glory and grace.

Julia – Resident
COVID-19 has allowed me to spend more time with my daughter. It allowed me to grow because I wasn’t busy thinking about the next opportunity, such as the next weekend pass or going into town for appointments and errands. I think more personal growth has happened and it’s brought a spirit of gratitude that’s deeper than it was ever before. The virus has affected me in a positive way. Praise God!

Kayla – Resident
I believe God used COVID-19 to grow me as a person. It has reminded me to be more grateful for the little things and what is really important in my life. Also, it pushed me to draw closer to God which resulted in me reaching a higher level of maturity that I have not seen in myself before. It showed me to be content in every circumstance whether good or bad, whether in plenty or in want. I am thankful for the growth I received out of it. 

Felessia – Resident
Before I had multiple break downs due to my schedule being crammed full 7-days a week with no rest. School, gym, boy’s baseball practice, kids’ school, work, etc. I was crying out, even while singing at church – I would break down, I was weighed down by the pressure of life.

I was on the go constantly so when everything got shut down – I was FORCED to be still. The Lord quieted my soul. I got the revelation that He gives us the POWER to do what pleases Him. One of the reasons why I was so weary before was because I was “doing life” without Him. I made my own decisions. It has been a heart change and a new mindset. I am experiencing the blessing and the peace of walking in TOTAL obedience. I am thankful for this time of lockdown.


This time during COVID-19 has worked in our favor! We have been able to be more hands-on with each child and minister to them by walking alongside them; we see them watching and learning throughout this challenging season.

Debbie’s kids went from saying a lazy and nonchalant “Mssssssss….” to a more respectful and personal “Mrs. Kim“.  The children are being more intentional with relationships. This is such a beautiful healing process and it’s just the beginning! 

The children witnessed first-hand how much the other children mattered to them, they were missing one another (due to social distancing) and couldn’t wait to be reunited again!

As we have begun to slowly introduce limited play and school time together – the reuniting of the children and the SMILES returned! The whispers of “I missed you” were coming from all directions. The children realized they didn’t like to be divided, but together as one big family!

We have been able to see some good through this time of uncertainty and we are very thankful for it! 

(How COVID-19 has made an impact)

Debra Rodriguez – Resident Coordinator, Phase I
Personally, I was initially mildly concerned about the virus but overcame that quickly. I was content with the quarantine; not out of fear but finally having a valid excuse not to socially interact outside of the house. My social anxiety calmed down and it was wonderful not having to worry about it. The quarantine gave me a chance to deepen my relationship with Christ and prayed for the same to happen worldwide.

Josephine Nelson – Resident Coordinator, Phase I
The greatest effect I’ve seen during the COVID-19 season has been the stride in which the moms have handled it. They have taken it by the tail and embraced it without complaint. They have utilized this time to grow with God and their children and get grounded more in His love. I have enjoyed walking through this process with them and assisting them in strengthening their relationships with God and their children.

Though some restrictions have been lifted, and people have access to stores and resources, our Homes for Families ministry still has needs.

If you would like to purchase items to stock the Commissary,
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This link is the AMAZON SHOPPING LIST. The item(s) you order will ship DIRECTLY to the campus! We are still not accepting visitors to the campus, therefore we appreciate the shipment of donated items.

Thank you again for your consistent and steadfast commitment to our ministry. You remain vital to sustaining our ministry and those we serve. With sincere gratitude,

Kyle Luke
Vice President of Development and Communications
STCH Ministries