The Ministry Continues – with God’s Grace and Mercy

Dear Friends, 
  Thank you for your continued commitment to helping make a daily impact in the lives of those we serve. The stories below and countless others show God’s grace and mercy in the lives of those who serve Him. When we place our trust in God, He can move mountains, restore brokenness and unlock chains that bind us. 

With continued gratitude, thank you for helping the Ministry Continue!

Felessia Galvan, a recent graduate of our Phase III program at Homes for Families, came to our campus after struggling with drug addiction for many years. During those years, she lost custody of her three children. She also went in and out of Restoration House in Victoria twice. Eventually, she got clean and sober and was able to succeed in that program. She was also able to regain custody of 2 of her children when she decided to transfer to Homes for Families.  

Felessia entered our program and continued to heal, grow and restore her relationships with her children and God. Eventually, she was also able to gain custody of all her children. 
When she moved into Phase III, she began working while also attending cosmetology school. Felessia continued to work on her future and her dreams and connected to a local church. Over this past year, she began to prepare herself to graduate from Phase III, which included being able to rent a house. She also met her future husband. After they dated and continued to follow God together, he proposed. They just got married this past week! 
This is a beautiful example of restoration, forgiveness and healing all through obedience, faith and trust in God. 


Our very own, Jeff Brewer, a pastor and also Director of Development, had the privilege to be part of 7 baptisms! These beautiful individuals made an outward profession of their faith through baptism in front of friends and family this past week.
3 Homes for Children alumni, 3 current Homes for Children kids and 1 from a nearby church, all accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. Join us in praying for them as they continue to grow in their faith.

We can’t wait to see the impact they will make in their community as they live out their “new” life in Christ.

Bobby Brooks is one of our volunteer facilitators for our Faith & Work | Faith & Finances programs in Corpus Christi. He was so inspired by the last class he co-facilitated that he decided, after much hesitation and delay, to finally start a non-profit he’s had on his heart, God for Life. Bobby has been involved in the Kairos prison ministry for over 13 years. His goal for God for Life is to help reduce recidivism rates (a person’s relapse into criminal behavior). And also partner with ex-offenders post-incarceration so they may be able to share their testimonies to others of what God has done for them. We are SO PROUD of Bobby and how his involvement with our program encouraged him to pursue and achieve his dream.

Contributions by donors ensure programs like these are a resource and blessing to others. When Jesus casts a net – an overabundance is always provided!

Our Regional Director of Counseling in Houston, Charny Beck, and another Houston Counselor, Sandra Glover, had the privilege to lead training for parents of special needs children with the Ministry of Education in Antigua, an island in the West Indies in the Caribbean – via ZOOM.
Our team presented on self-care and the importance of keeping your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health in check so you can better care for your children. We are blessed to be able to provide resources and reach people by ministering to families to the outermost parts of the world, while also partnering with other ministries.

Thank you for helping us spread the love of Jesus across the seas – ensuring the Gospel is brought to the ends of the earth.

We recently had a class graduation for Fe y Trabajo (Spanish Faith & Work Class). Our student, Juanita, shared her vision board with the class, which she displays in her home to remind herself daily of the goals she has made. She also mentioned how the class helped her overcome roadblocks and obstacles. Juanita finally accepted and realized she truly is God’s masterpiece
We are blessed to be part of Juanita’s journey and see how God helps break the chains of false images of oneself.

We continue to be humbled by the consistent love and support of our Lord and Savior as He continues to provide for our ministry. God connects peopleand we are to move into action for what breaks His heart.
Through the generosity of our steadfast supporters, we are able to reach and heal those who have broken hearts.

With continued gratitude, thank you for helping the Ministry Continue!

Kyle Luke
Vice President of Development and Communications
STCH Ministries