Week of Hope – Celebrating 69 Years

Sixty-nine years ago in a rural Texas town, J.M. Lunsford stepped aside as the pastor of First Baptist Church Beeville with a desire to pivot toward a new venture in ministry. Harnessing a vision and property contributions from Laura Boothe, STCH Ministries found its way into existence in 1952 at the hands of two visionaries. This year, the organization celebrated 69 years in operation by inviting ministry partners, volunteers, class participants and supporters to participate in a series of events during Week of Hope. With a goal of raising $200,000 in seven days, friends of STCH Ministries gathered to celebrate the organization’s impact on the lives of children, families and local communities.

THE LEADERSHIP TEAM AND STAFF spent the first week of May traveling between six Texas locales where regional ministry sites hosted Week of Hope celebrations. Each open house event served as an opportunity to engage with supporters and partners in a face-to-face forum while enjoying food, site tours and meaningful connection. Following a year of virtual events and programming, the team recognized the importance of reinforcing the bonds between the organization and its valued supporters. Through the generosity of several anonymous donors, the team announced that all monetary gifts received during Week of Hope would be matched up to $100,000.

The first event kicked off in Pettus, Texas, at Boothe Campus on Monday, May 3. The Homes for Children team welcomed local supporters with open arms as they recounted STCH Ministries’ growth throughout the years. In the 1950s, the organization began with 10 children living in a small home. Today, this campus houses children from birth to age 17 in multiple cottages with loving houseparents and extensive activities and opportunities for personal development.

On Tuesday, May 4, the team prepared for two events in Corpus Christi, Texas. The morning gathering showcased the counseling ministry as guests mingled throughout the Corpus Christi Counseling and International Office. This ministry area provides care for individuals, couples and families through scheduled sessions with professional counselors who provide a safe environment for clients to process difficult emotions and situations. The afternoon event allowed Faith & Work and Faith & Finances class participants to visit the Corpus Christi headquarters and say hello. These two training programs provide equipping opportunities for the intersection of faith, career and money. By Tuesday evening, the fundraising goal reached the halfway mark of
$100,000 in donations. STCH Ministries’ staff celebrated this milestone as they pushed ahead into the middle of the week.

On Wednesday, May 5, the day began outdoors under a large white tent where the future Jack Green Counseling Center will break ground in the coming months. STCH Ministries President and CEO Eron Green spoke to the attendees and oversaw the site dedication ceremony. Event attendance included Jack Green’s daughter and daughter-in-law as well as members from local churches and the community at large. By Wednesday evening, a second site dedication began in Goliad, Texas, on the Homes for Families campus. Here, mothers and children from Marshall Ranch gathered alongside others in the community at the future site for a new multi-purpose building.

After two additional open house events in Houston and San Antonio to close out the week on Thursday and Friday, the $200,000 fundraising goal was nearly met. Throughout the following hours,
generous donors continued to give. Before the week ended, STCH Ministries exceeded its fundraising goal with donations totaling over $237,000 from over 240 donors.

In a social media update the following week, the STCH Ministries team expressed their gratitude for a successful Week of Hope. “We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who made STCH Ministries Week of Hope last week such a success! We exceeded our goal of raising $200,000 in a week and had great turnouts at all of our open houses. We are blessed by an amazing staff that worked hard to prepare their locations and welcomed everyone with a smile. We still can’t believe we are celebrating 69 years of ministry and can’t wait to see how God continues to move for the next 69!”

Each of the seven open house events served as an opportunity for ministry partners, volunteers, class participants and supporters to learn more about STCH Ministries’ mission and connect with staff. While speaking to Week of Hope event attendees, president and CEO Eron Green consistently communicated that all donations, no matter the size, propel STCH Ministries forward in healing hearts and sharing hope.

Kyle Luke, STCH Ministries vice president of development and communications, recently sent a letter to Week of Hope donors, saying, “The Lord has truly blessed STCH Ministries in many ways and you are one of those blessings! Your support makes it possible for many to hear about the love of Christ—which changes lives forever. Thank you, again, for your continued commitment to STCH Ministries. Plans are already underway for next year as we will celebrate 70 years of ministry. Please continue to pray for STCH Ministries as we continue in healing hearts and sharing hope.”

With a threefold purpose, Week of Hope accomplished its goal to celebrate 69 years of ministry, re-engage new and existing supporters and raise $200,000 to fund the mission of STCH Ministries. As the week concluded, the team expressed profound gratitude to those who gave financially and through in-kind donations that stocked the commissaries at Homes for Children and Homes for Families with highly needed items like toothpaste, disinfecting wipes and cereal. “Thank you again for your commitment to STCH Ministries,” said Eron Green. “Let’s celebrate God’s Work as He continues to heal the lives of children and families—together we impact lives.”

Through the work of caring staff who reflect God’s love, thousands of children and families are forever changed. From decade to decade, the past 69 years clearly display God’s provision, and year after year, the mission remains the same. STCH Ministries is in the business of healing hearts and sharing hope, and as the organization moves into its 70th year, the journey continues throughout Texas and on an international scale.