Ginger Bailey set the record for the longest continuously serving staff member at STCH Ministries with a career of 42 years and counting. (Click to enlarge photo.)

PETTUS – In a time when median job tenure for professionals is 5.5 years, 42 years of service at the same organization is extraordinary. Ginger Glynn Bailey began her social work career as a foster care worker/case worker for the South Texas Children’s Home (STCH) right out of graduate school in 1976. July 12th is the anniversary of her employment with STCH Ministries and makes her the longest continuously serving staff member in the organization’s sixty-six years of history.

Equally remarkable is the fact that this distinguished career began as a dream in the heart of an eight-year-old girl while visiting a children’s home in San Antonio. While in high school, Bailey sent letters to children’s homes all around the state looking for summer internship possibilities and STCH responded. The connection eventually became a full-time position in which Bailey would touch the lives of thousands of children.

In 1985, Bailey moved into the role of Director of Social Services and continues to serve faithfully in that capacity today. In a career that bridges more than four decades, Bailey has witnessed many changes, ranging from technology to procedural polices and state standards. Bailey notes that the needs of children and families in crisis remain the same. The situations that bring children to the home may vary, but the emotional and physical requirements for personal healing are constant.

Bailey most enjoys building relationships with families and “being there” for former students needing support. “When a family has a concern about their child, they may be tearful or even angry,” she said. “They need someone to listen and to help them work through the process. I’m glad I can be there for those that are hurting.” Especially heartwarming for Bailey are phone calls from former students sharing good news, or alumni who drop by to show their own children the place they called “home.”

STCH Ministries is honored to count Ginger Bailey as a member of our team. We celebrate her steadfast commitment and exemplary service to children and families.


STCH Ministries is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that has been caring for children and families since 1952. We provide homes, support, counseling, and life-skills training to those in need, and also reach beyond our borders through international missions. We provide all of our services regardless of an individual or family’s ability to pay for them.  We are 100% supported by private donations and do not accept any state or federal funding.