Date Night by the Bay

Date Night by the Bay “made all the difference in the world for our marriage,” declared one couple.

The couple joined more than 70 other couples on September 20th, at the Omni Hotel. STCH Ministries Family Counseling in Corpus Christi has offered marriage and family seminars to the public for 10 years. The speaker’s Christ-centered message and the opportunity to enjoy a romantic night created a special evening.

This year’s event featured an amazing jazz band, The Kris Redus Quartet. They played romantic smooth jazz as attendees entered the room. Husbands received a red rose to gift to their wife and wives accepted a fill-in-the-blank coupon to offer their husbands. Couples found their way to a quiet table for two where they mingled and awaited the speaker.

The lovely emcee, Leslee O’Neal, took the stage to introduce the speaker, Ken de Koning. Ken, the pastor of Waldron Road Baptist Church, talked about unraveling the mystery of intimacy in a very practical and understandable way. He added real-life examples and stressed the importance of expressing kindness toward each other. As dinner was served, Ken took a break and couples enjoyed jazz music, a delicious meal and some intimate conversation.

During breaks, couples received date night baskets and gifts through random ticket drawings. As the evening progressed, couples snuggled close and continued to listen to Ken’s words of wisdom.

Attendees enjoyed the event, evidenced by the positive comments. The romantic elements, intimate details and beautiful surroundings created the right atmosphere for a meaningful event. Attendees appreciated Ken’s personal stories and practical aspects of intimacy in marriage.

The lady who cherished the dramatic turnaround in her marriage explained she and her husband had been having serious issues for several months and as a couple; they were not in a good place.  Throughout the evening, the things Ken said started “clicking” and every single word impacted their thinking.  She said “by the end, it was perfect” and since that evening they both have been applying what they learned to restore the intimacy they once enjoyed.

Each couple left with more than just a nice meal, they received an evening to remember and lessons for a lifetime.