Faith & Finances at Work

Our Faith & Finances classes are changing lives! Our facilitators across the state have worked alongside pastors and churches to bring people into the classes. The program teaches you to equip yourself through God’s plan for your money. Biblical principles are applied as students learn to make a spending plan, set savings goals and overcome past mistakes. 

Faith & Finances started building a relationship with Alliance Baptist Church in Lubbock in 2021. Shortly after, STCH Ministries was asked to teach a virtual Faith & Finances class and through that, a church member, Joel, decided to become a facilitator for Faith & Finances. Since then, he has facilitated two classes, one in Spanish and one in English for members of the church and the community.
One woman from his most recent graduating class shared, “I was able to meet some wonderful people with Christ in the center. It is an honorable, true, just and commendable program! I’m 60 years old but I learned I could be open, vulnerable and share my good and my bad. These are the people that love me. If you have someone like that in your life, that’s because of Jesus. Remember, there is a lot more to finances than just money.”  
We are excited to partner with pastors, church leaders and other organizations to offer a ten-week Faith & Finances class. Please continue to pray over this program as we follow where the Lord takes us!