Preparing to Serve

Monica and her husband Ken recently participated in our Faith & Work and Faith & Finances courses in Corpus Christi. They attended Faith & Work because they were looking for a ministry opportunity that could really help people to further the kingdom. Throughout the course, they were reminded, “God loves us and that through the Holy Spirit, He graciously has given us different gifts and skills that help us to do the work that He wants us to do.” Concepts of Vision Maps and Smart Goals were just a couple of the tools shared to help further their career goals and ministry visions. Monica and Ken are thankful for this course and are confident that God will continue to do the work in their lives that He promised when they gave their lives to Jesus.

During Faith & Finances, they learned the value of handling their money in a Godly way, realizing everything they have already belongs to Him. Monica shares, “We were reminded of some principles of saving, budgeting and spending that would help us to be free to be able to share more of our money with others, as God would have us do.” Instilling these principles into their finances allowed them to save money immediately and even share more financially with others.

Monica and Ken share that they were truly blessed by both of these classes and will use the skills they have learned to further their ministry. They are interested in giving back and even plan to be future facilitators for the Faith & Finances course in Corpus Christi! “I know He will use the skills that we learned to bless individuals and companies that take these courses,” Monica shared. We invite you, your family or your organization to participate in one of these courses.