Rescue, Redemption and Revival

CHRISTIAN SINGER AND SONGWRITER LAUREN DAIGLE released her Grammy award-winning album, Look Up Child, in 2018. The second song on the album is titled Rescue, which speaks of God being our shelter and rescuer, even in the darkest situations like the one Kisha found herself in.

“In the middle of the darkest night

it’s true, I will rescue you.”

Kisha and her children lived in the chaos and fear of an abusive home for twelve years. Moved to tears, Kisha shared how tough her life was. She was also the only one working in the house and felt she missed out on significant moments in her children’s childhood.

Kisha also recalled that anything relating to God was rejected in their home by her husband. “If I did bring up anything to do with God, it got shot down immediately.” In the end, Kisha never lost her faith in the Lord during those twelve years. On the contrary, Kisha continued to pray for a way to leave their home with her kids in search of better living conditions and a better life.


Kisha knew she was ready to get out. She took the step of faith to leave the abusive relationship with her four children in tow. Though uncertain about what would come next, she did not stop praying for God to provide. Shortly after, her cousin told her about Homes for Families. After doing mission work in the Dominican Republic with their home church through STCH Ministries International, Kisha’s cousin reached out to her and told her about STCH Ministries. As he shared details about Homes for Families, Kisha knew that was exactly the kind of place she and her children needed. She no longer felt helpless or without clarity as to where to go next. “That sounded exactly like what I was looking for to get me back to where I wanted to be, which is with God and for my children to know me better.”

So, when her cousin introduced her to Homes for Families, Kisha did not hesitate to take the necessary steps to get there. “He answered my prayers,” she stated about finding STCH Ministries, and in October of 2022, Kisha and her children arrived at the Homes for Families Bluebonnet Campus.


Not only did God rescue Kisha and her children, but He has also redeemed her relationship with her children by giving them a safe place to bond further and grow together as a family. Kisha is a mom of four, Damien (age 12), Victoria (age 10), Caleb (age 8), and Gabriel (age 6).

“I was angry, very angry, when I first got here,” Kisha admits. However, with the help of staff on campus, she has learned healthy ways to control her anger. Kisha’s children have noticed the change in her as she has noticed a change in them and their relationship with one another as siblings. “STCH Ministries has been a blessing. God has done amazing work.”

The Homes for Families program allows families to remain together during resolution. It is a safe haven in a loving, Christian atmosphere with resources to help transition mothers and their children into independent living. “In coming here, I have seen changes in my kids; I’ve seen changes in myself.”

God has also redeemed Kisha’s time with her children. “I get to spend time with my kids, and I’m learning to be the parent that I didn’t get to be. I enjoy every minute of it.” One of the most significant impacts Homes for Families has had on Kisha and her children is the lessons they have learned while there. More personally, Kisha shared how her time there has taught her to forgive their father. “I’ve learned that me forgiving him is not for his benefit but for my own.”


“Revival begins when you draw a circle around yourself and make sure everything in that circle is right with God.” – Anne Graham Lotz

For months Kisha had been praying that God would speak to her in an intimate way, reminding her of how much He loves her. One Tuesday night in February, during Bible study, Kisha noticed a female cardinal fly down and land in front of the patio door. Soon after, the cardinal moved towards the grass where a male cardinal had just landed. Kisha noticed the two touch beaks. Upon taking a second look, she realized the male cardinal had also provided the female cardinal with a worm. “I knew at that moment that was for me,” Kisha shared. God was reminding her of His love and care for her as she watched the cardinals together. Through that moment, she witnessed the male cardinal providing for the female cardinal the way God had provided for her. She knew God had answered her prayer for reassurance of His love for her that night.

“I have prayed more than ever before,” Kisha shared about her time at Homes for Families and her spiritual growth. She has also reached out to hurting family members and friends, writing to them about her experience and about God. Where God was once a rejected topic in her previous living situation, Kisha now sees revival happening in her home. Her children are experiencing a closeness with God she never witnessed before.

Her older son, Damien, surrendered his life to Christ and got baptized in January of this year. That has led to the rest of his siblings also getting baptized upon learning about God and giving their lives to Jesus. “They all like to pray now. They each take turns. They won’t eat until they have all prayed,” Kisha shared. From dinner time prayers to seeing a change in how her children treat one another and witnessing them now identify as children of God, she thanks God for His work in their lives. “Recently, my oldest, who is in the 5th grade, came home from school one day and told me that he felt God was calling him to minister to kids in his school.” Kisha encouraged him to do what God had called him to, knowing the importance of helping others.


Kisha would like to go back to school to become a counselor in hopes of helping other women who currently find themselves in the same situation she once did. “I want them to know they are not alone and that there is help out there.” Kisha also looks forward to helping point others to Jesus, the only One who can truly rescue us from all darkness and all brokenness.

Without her cousin sharing about STCH Ministries Homes for Families, Kisha would not have experienced the rescue, redemption or revival she has now. “I tell him almost every time I see him, ‘Thank you’,” Kisha shared. “He sees that being here is doing amazing things in our lives, and he tells me often how he is very proud of me.”

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