Sharing the Impact of Faith & Finances

Faith & Work and Faith & Finances ministries have grown tremendously since the pandemic. The pandemic forced our team to think outside the box and embrace new methods of service. God also opened doors for us to begin online ministry using Zoom. Once we started doing Zoom classes, we saw an immediate increase in requests for classes. Word spread quickly that STCH Ministries had classes that would not only help people cope with the life changes they were experiencing but would also bring them together to have a deeper fellowship even through Zoom. Faith & Work and Faith & Finances are blessed to have facilitators helping us with these classes and are scheduled to certify more facilitators over the next few months. God has opened new doors at all three sites and allowed us to partner with many new organizations.  

These things are all wonderful but the best part is the lives changed over the past few months. Here is one of the testimonies from Faith & Finances:   

Gelon entered class on a Wednesday night only to find she was in the wrong class. She found the facilitator and other class attendees were so friendly that she decided to stay. By the end of the first class, she wept because she was so convicted about the way she had been handling God’s money. She had been irresponsible and neglectful of her finances and she wanted a change. Over the next several weeks, she learned how to do things God’s way and began practicing expense tracking, debt reduction and saving. She figured out she needed a Spending Plan and discovered how easy it is to keep track of her money when she had a plan in place. When the class started, she had over $1,000 in bank fees to pay off and zero savings. Six months later, she is debt free and saving an entire paycheck every month! She has successfully removed many bad habits from her life and is able to give joyfully to God’s kingdom. She has become an active advocate for Faith & Finances telling everyone she meets about all that God has done in her life by using the class she was not even supposed to attend.  

This is just one of the many stories that come out of this ministry. We are so thankful to be able to see God at work throughout the ministry!