Stronger Together

Happy New Year from the STCH Ministries family and thank you for taking a moment to read our Messenger!  Here at STCH Ministries we love to partner with fellow believers to witness God at work.  We partner together in a variety of ways with families, children, organizations, churches, hospitals, universities, orphanages, schools and the list goes on.  The needs are so great!

As we partner, we start with prayer.  It is our desire that we are 100% in the center of God’s will in all we do.  We have a team that prays as we plan to take children into care.  We pray for and over those that are seeing our counselors. As a ministry to children and families, we understand the need to join together in prayer for all those in which we serve and partner. As we pray together, we are laying the foundation for what God wants to do through us!

The apostle Paul references, in Colossians 2, the “whole body” and growth due to the support and unity provided by the “joints and ligaments”.  Paul is referring to our head being Christ and how as believers we are a support system for one another by being the joints and ligaments.  Just like Paul’s reference, we here at STCH Ministries are being the earthly joints and ligaments each and every day to children and families coming from places of great need.

It is so exciting to see these support systems forming for those that we care for and many times they are support systems for each other!  We have young adults from our Homes for Children program that are roommates in college.  We have mothers and their children from our Homes for Families program that have developed a loving and supportive community together.  Once those we minister to begin to become the joints and ligaments for others, it is amazing to experience!

Early this year, I had the privilege of joining together with a group that attended one of our International Vision Trips.  This Vision Trip was to the Dominican Republic where we have been ministering for over 10 years.  The trip was attended by pastors and their wives, board members, donors, STCH Ministries staff, etc.  One of the trip highlights was dedicating an orphanage in the small town of Higuey that we were instrumental in constructing.  To hear the testimonies of their leaders and how they had labored, and prayed for over 20 years for this project to become a reality was tremendously inspiring.  How blessed we were to be there for the dedication!

I also want to take a moment to thank you for your partnership.  We are not able to do the work God has called us to do without your support.  We are so blessed by you sharing your time, talents, treasures and prayers with us and for us.  Together we are stronger!  We stand together with those we serve, we stand together with our ministry partners and we stand together with those that give so generously to make our ministry possible.  How Blessed we are to have one another.

Together for Him!