The Ministry Continues – Going Back to the Dominican Republic

We are excited and blessed to have the love and support of so many who have a heart for our ministry. As you may know, we have nine ministries which provide support, resources, healing and hope to those in need. If you don’t know our nine ministries – click here to learn more: STCH Ministries.

This past week – a team of volunteers and staff went to the Dominican Republic to deliver school supplies, construct beds for children, host a teacher training, deliver food, and share the hope and encouragement of Jesus. This was our first group since March prior to the pandemic.

Below is a summary from one of our team members on the trip – she attended with her husband and 17-year old son.

As we prepared and departed for the trip, we knew we could potentially be exposed to COVID-19. We also knew there were challenges ahead that we may not know about until we arrived.

But we knew God called us all to go. The team came from different cities around Texas – the 10 of us felt the calling to “GO”. So we went with open hearts and open arms (from a distance), masks on, and the trust and faith that God will provide and protect us all.

We were all challenged by those around us who questioned “Why are you going now?” “Aren’t you scared?” “Don’t you know it’s not safe to go there?” and many other questionable remarks. But we stood together, challenged by the “world” – to do our part.

Our ministry partners in the Dominican Republic have endured the challenges, the ups and downs of stress, anxiety and restrictions placed on their lives and the community due to the pandemic. We were eager to encourage and support them.

Through these opportunities, we provided hope, encouragement and replenishment:

  • 20 teachers received training. They were comforted knowing they were not alone. They didn’t realize the teachers in America are also going through the uncertainties and struggles of how to teach students online and navigate through the pandemic.
  • 250+ students received backpacks. They are now prepared to go back to school. They LOVED receiving their backpacks and the supplies contained inside – they excitedly showed off to their moms and siblings.
  • 25 children have beds to sleep comfortably and safely. Some children share beds with other siblings or sleep on a dirt floor. We constructed these beds to provide the rest and security needed to grow and thrive.
  • Food was distributed to families who are in need and are struggling through the pandemic. We also witnessed to those who didn’t know Jesus. Knowing they have food for their family for the next few weeks gave them comfort, peace and trust God was providing for them.
  • So many other blessings were provided and witnessed during our trip.

Dr. Fransicso and his medical team continue to provide medical assistance in the medical van and community partner locations. The need for continued medical assistance is great. As Dr. Fransisco stated, “I took an oath.” He is not in fear of his life (or the virus) because of serving others. Fear won’t stop his service to help others.

Dr. Fransisco’s statement is the perfect way to summarize why we went on this trip. As Christians, we are to live in the world, but not be of the world – John 17:16.

I encourage you to be bold and faithful. Trusting God to fulfill His promises. When God calls you to “GO” you must go, and He’ll do the rest. He does the hard part, we just have to obey and listen. – Blessings, Jeny Cortez

Thank you again for your continued prayers, support and commitment to STCH Ministries and those we serve. Without your support, these blessings which occurred in the Dominican Republic, and throughout our ministry would not happen. YOU provide the resources to sustain the ministries which impact lives.

As you are led, we ask for your continued participation in helping impact lives daily. If you have any questions about how to get involved, please let me know.

Thank you for helping the Ministry Continue!