The Ministry Continues – Let Us Pray For You

Dear Friends,
Through this season of COVID-19, we have been working to keep you connected and informed of how The Ministry Continuesthrough God’s Good Works.

We also remain grateful for your continued partnership with us through the generous giving of your time, prayers and finances. We know you have also been impacted, and since we’re unable to visit you in person, we would like to hear from you. We want to know how you are doing, especially how you’re coping and dealing with COVID-19, including any specific prayer requests. It would be our privilege to have the opportunity to specifically and personally pray for you. Please consider sharing your prayer needs, and anything else you’d like to share, by sending an email to (or click the link).

Your prayers and any other details you share with us – will be kept confidential.

We hope you will share with us and let us be part of your life – as you have been a part of so many of the lives in our ministry. As it states in Ephesians 3:16, NLT: “I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit.

What are the Children up to?

Our children, at Homes for Children, continue to stay busy and active as they adjust to life on campus 24/7. As they work to maintain their academics by doing their schoolwork, they are also enjoying activities outside, learning new cooking skills, and leading devotionals. Some of our cottages are adding a new “class” to their schedule: COOKING CLASS. In Hope Cottage, which consists of 5 boys (ages 11-18), each boy picks a day and a meal to cook each week. They use cookbooks or the internet to find a recipe.

Fried chicken anyone? Tyson was the chef for this meal. The menu he selected was: fried chicken, sautéed asparagus and mashed potatoes. Other meals included meatloaf, pork chops and other healthy options. This has been a great learning experience and life-skill for the kids. It has also given them new appreciation and gratitude for their houseparents. 

Additionally, not only do the boys cook once a week, but they must also lead a devotional at dinner time. One of our boys recently led a devotion focused on “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” – Proverbs 22:1 It’s wonderful to be a part of the biblical guidance and lessons they learn as they come to the table, not only for dinner – but also for the nourishment of their hearts and souls.

In addition to homework, cooking and devotionals, the children are also staying active outside. Our creative houseparents came up with fun games using sidewalk chalk. The games involved following directions, reinforcing math skills and generating creativity – all while having fun! They used sidewalk chalk that was donated by After School Center for Education (ACE). This program, in Pettus Independent School District, provides morning and after school tutoring, snacks and educational activities for two hours after school Monday – Friday to some of our children, when school is in session.

Faith & Work | Faith & Finances

Our Faith & Work | Faith & Finances ministries continue to reach out and engage with students via online classes. And one of the best parts about it is – it doesn’t matter where you are located, now that we are online, you can join us anywhere! Recently, new classes and classes that were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, began meeting in Corpus Christi and San Antonio. The response to the classes has been overwhelmingly positive and energizing for students. In a few weeks, Houston will begin hosting Faith & Work | Faith & Finances classes online. 

Beginning the first week in May, potential students will have the choice of attending either a morning or evening Faith & Work | Faith & Finances class online. 

If you, your church group, or someone you know would like to attend either of these classes, click here to register: SIGN ME UP!

ONLINE ACCESS COMING SOON: Our Faith & Work | Faith & Finances teams are currently working to develop an online learning academy that will provide educational resources to potential Faith & Work students. This learning platform will be available to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

A Client Gives Back

We recently received a special phone call from a former Family Counseling client, Brittany. She was seeing one of our counselors for severe social anxiety, grief and low self-esteem. She called her former counselor to let her know she is now off all of her anxiety medications and she’s helping others in her church who also struggle with anxiety. 

Brittany has started a support group in her church for moms who have had miscarriages. And she is working as an in-home caregiver to an elderly patient and absolutely loves it! Brittany shared how much she appreciated the tools she learned through our Family Counseling ministry. And knows she wouldn’t be where she is now – without the Christ-Centered counseling she received. We are blessed to hear the success stories from clients when they leave our care as they continue to move forward with knowledge, lessons and Biblical truths they learned through our ministry. Even helping others along the way. God works all things for good!

Words of Encouragement

Our staff is working hard to help The Ministry Continue during these difficult times. Additionally, our children, moms, clients, and all those we serve are adjusting to the challenges of new changes in routines and schedules. If you would like to send our staff and those we serve – words of encouragement – you can do so by clicking here.

Please know we are continuing to pray for God’s sovereign protection to surround you and your family.
We are here to share hope and heal hearts, and we are grateful for your ongoing support. 

With sincere gratitude,

Kyle Luke
Vice President of Development and Communications
STCH Ministries