The Ministry Continues – Meet our Seniors, Class of 2020

Dear Friends,

I hope you have remained safe and healthy during the continued season of COVID-19. As we begin to see restrictions removed, and the start of businesses reopening, we want to reiterate our deepest gratitude for those who have continued to support STCH Ministries. Not only through monetary contributions, but through prayers, volunteers and donations of food and supplies.   

Each one of you impacts our ministry, and we are so thankful! The Ministry Continues because of YOU!

As we head into the middle of May 2020 – we have exciting things happening at Homes for Children on the Boothe Campus in Pettus, TX. We have a group of high school seniors getting ready to graduate from Pettus High School, and we want to introduce you to these young adults.
  Unfortunately, this was a senior year no one could anticipate would happen. Many senior activities and events were canceled, due to COVID-19. And although those events and memories didn’t happen – we are still SO proud and excited to be a part of their lives while they’ve been on campus. They have shown resilience and perseverance!   Introducing our graduating Seniors at Homes for Children (HFC):

Brandon – 2 years at HFC

His favorite part about being at the campus has been the relationship
he has built with his houseparents.

Kimani – 2 years at HFC
His favorite part about being at the campus is all the people he has gotten
to know; mainly his houseparents.

Maria – 1 1/2 years at HFC

Her favorite part about being at the campus is the relationship
she has built with her houseparents.

Sophia – 2 1/2 years at HFC

Her favorite part about being at the campus are the relationships
she has built with everyone.

Taheen – 4 years at HFC

Her favorite part about being at the campus has been finding people
that love her and the relationships she has built with them.
As you can see, the most consistent impact our students receive from being at
Homes for Children are – RELATIONSHIPS.

We are privileged and blessed to have the consistent Presence of God throughout our ministry. From the very beginning when Mrs. Laura Boothe first approached Rev. Jess Lunsford about her calling to start a children’s home on her land, she approached him in faith and because of their trusting relationship.

Relationships are a key part of our ministry.
Our relationship with YOU impacts those we serve by providing the
resources needed for healing and hope.    

What Happens after Students Graduate?

We want to thank everyone who is a Cottage Sponsor and donor who help provide for our kids every day through your support of Homes for Children. Once our kids graduate from high school, STCH Ministries and YOU, continue to play an important role in their lives.

We help prepare our high schoolers for their transition to post-grad life – whether they choose to pursue college, technical school or work.

If they graduate from high school, while in our care, we provide scholarships to college or technical school as long as they maintain good grades and follow the guidelines of our College Scholarship Program.

The College Transition Coordinator provides support and accountability to our college students and helps them with housing, registration, textbooks, financial aid and much more.

If they don’t go to college or technical school, we help them locate job opportunities, prepare resumes, provide transportation to interviews, financial assistance for rent until they can support themselves and many other needs.  

We are grateful God provides steadfast and faithful supporters who assist in providing a consistent source of encouragement, motivation and support when our kids leave our care and move to independence. THANK YOU for your SUPPORT by equipping these young adults to be independent and self-reliant.


If you would like to send an encouraging note to any of our high school seniors, please click here: CLASS OF 2020 and we’ll make sure they receive your note.


There are still opportunities to help stock our Commissary for both Homes for Children and Homes for Families. Food and supplies are hard to receive at times, though our families are taken care of, options are limited.

If you’d like to donate to the Commissary, please click here STOCK THE COMMISSARY.
Thank you again for your consistent and steadfast commitment to our ministry. You remain vital to sustaining our ministry and those we serve.   With sincere gratitude,

Kyle Luke
Vice President of Development and Communications
STCH Ministries