Way Beyond Me

Last week as we traveled to Peru, my mind echoed with the words of a song, “God gave us the stars, but put them out of our reach, and calls us to waters, just a little too deep.” (Toby Mac, “Way Beyond Me”)

For 12 years STCH Ministries International has served in the Dominican Republic. We have learned how to adapt the mission of helping hurting children and families to another culture. We have successfully created collaborative partnerships that help local ministries more effectively carry out the calling God had given them. We discovered how to integrate families into our mission trips, providing an experience to strengthen and enrich family relationships and our own American churches. We have enlisted and trained an amazing Dominican staff. Now it’s time to “kick back” and enjoy, right?

It appears that is not the way God is leading STCH Ministries—not internationally, or in any of our other ministries. Perhaps you have heard the expression that “God comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable!” As we follow Christ, how can you and I afford to be comfortable? Children are hungry and hurting. Families are broken. Homeless moms and children search for a safe place to rebuild their lives.

Instead of comfortable, we felt restless. Repeatedly, we heard in our hearts the same words that motivated the Apostle Paul 2000 years ago to cross into Macedonia, “Come over and help us!” After countless hours of conversation, research, planning, and prayer, last year we began to explore opportunities in Costa Rica. Now, gradually God is forming possibilities into probabilities for ministry in that country.

Last week we flew to Peru. The field of service is huge—Lima alone has over 11 million people. Only Los Angeles and New York City have a greater population. People and ministry opportunities populate mountainous regions, rainforests, and oceanfront vistas. Homes spring up overnight, perched precariously on the side of desert mountainsides. Churches can’t reach the exploding population fast enough and cry for assistance.

We met with the passionate and qualified leadership of orphanages, Christian schools, and churches. We experienced a God-ordained moment as doors for a collaborative partnership opened in a mutual awareness of kindred spirits and potential. We sensed the opportunity to share what God has given and taught us with other ministries in Peru, and perhaps throughout Latin America.

For 66 years here in the USA, and for the last 12 years in the Dominican Republic, God has prepared STCH Ministries for such a time as this. It’s God-sized, and definitely, WAY BEYOND ME!


Joanna Berry
Vice President of Family and International Ministries