A Grain of Sand

We just finished our annual Vision Trip to the Dominican Republic.  Some participants were first-timers, others returned to update past ministry accomplishments. We toured two-story concrete school buildings which replaced both a former chicken shack, and also a crowded apartment in another village.  A spacious concrete home now houses the Betesda boys and a beautiful apartment building accommodates graduated young adults in Monte Plata as they transition to full independence.

There were many comments as people reminisced about what God had done over the last few years. They noted the changes and growth in people. The teachers busied about with big smiles and heads held high in schools which can now offer English and computer classes. Gone was the former half-embarrassed body language and muted voice of the school Director as he directed the children’s choir.  “Aleluia, Aleluia, for the Lord God Almighty reigns,” their voices beautifully intoned in English.  An orphan boy from Monte Plata Orphanage, now a young man in dental school, shared his gratitude to those who loved, educated and taught him about Jesus, and for his sponsor (he calls her his gran-mama) who is paying for his dental school.

Perhaps most humbling was the realization that as we serve our King of Kings, each one of us can only do a little.  When the needs are so great, it is tempting to think, “I can’t do much.”  Or, “I haven’t been able to make that big of a difference.”  When acknowledging a contribution, large or small, Dominicans will often say, “I added a grain of sand (un granito de arena).”  A grain of sand by itself is a very small thing.  Although we often have limited vision and puny faith, our all-powerful, all-gracious God accepts our little grain of sand, and accomplishes His great purposes.

When we give what we have, no matter how small; when we respond to the small voice of the Spirit in our hearts; when by faith we invest our sweat, our efforts, we are sometimes granted the privilege of seeing just a smidgen of what God has done through our combined efforts.  Sometimes God also allows a tiny peek into the future and by faith we dare to dream even bigger Kingdom dreams.  One of those dreams for the future is a new home for the Higuey boys Home, known as “A Better World.” During the Vision Trip we received a promise of a matching contribution of $15,000.  Please consider adding your “grain of sand” to this project.  The need is urgent, and we hope to start construction this Spring. 

Donations can be made online https://www.stchm.org/ways-to-help/. Please be sure and designate in the comment box that your donation is for the Higuey Boys Home. For more information, please call 361.994.0940.
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