Ablaze with the Glory of God’s Work

Jesus said that the greatest commandments were to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind, and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. When we dedicate our time and talents to God, when we serve others with excellence, we are both loving our neighbors and loving God. The Christian Medical and Dental Association of San Antonio joined STCH Ministries International to love Dominican children and families through medical and dental clinics hosted the last week of May 2018. More than 700 children and individuals were blessed.

It would be difficult to estimate the cumulative cost in terms of time away from work, transportation and lodging, medicines, equipment, etc. for this team of doctors, dentists, students, and helpers. The value of their ministry was priceless in terms of patients who were loved and prayed over, heard the Gospel, had their physical health impacted, had pain reduced or eliminated, and the enhanced welfare of families and children.

The work is not always glorious. The facilities (except for our modern and well-equipped dental clinic) were not designed for medical work. The weather alternated between tropical downpours, bright sun, and the sauna effect of that combination. Doctors and medical students sometimes sat in children’s desks to consult patients. Generators, fans, barking dogs, rain pounding on zinc roofs, children crying—together the sounds created a new definition of “white noise”. Questions and instructions began in Spanish, translated to English, then back to Spanish, then English again until “Si, entiendo,” was reached. (“Yes, I understand.”)

Jointly conducting dental and medical clinics with several dentists, doctors, and medical and dental students requires many helpers. Some cleaned instruments, others registered patients, and some served as runners between waiting patients, doctors, and the pharmacy. Others held babies or blew balloons with children while Mom consulted with the doctor. More than 18 translators joined with STCH Ministries staff and interns. Together they became an effective body of Christ, and fulfilled the mission to honor God, reach hurting children and families, and enable others to join us.

To paraphrase the words of Tim Keller in the book Every Good Endeavor: Our gospel-trained eyes saw the Dominican world ablaze with the glory of God’s work through the efforts of this mission team—in everything from the simplest actions of translating, or giving a cup of water, to the most skillfully trained medical and dental professionals. When we are engaged in work that enhances the welfare of families and children, we are engaged in work that matters to God.