Cans for Kids

Cans for Kids is a project that allows Texas churches to take an active, practical role in the day to day, bread and butter of caring for children. The strategy is simple: a church, Sunday school class, or small group sets a time frame to collect canned goods for the children at STCH Ministries Homes for Children and delivers them to the commissary at Boothe Campus.

The process is customizable – be it a church-wide contest between small groups or a simple way for children to participate in ministry. STCH Ministries staff members are available as guest speakers to either start off or wrap up the initiative. Additionally, the donation can be a part of the experience – bring the donating Sunday school class out to Boothe Campus for a tour and the opportunity to see how your contributions are put to use.

You already are a part of the work of STCH Ministries. Every prayer, every donation, and with each referral, you are participating in the restorative work God is doing in the lives of children through our organization. Your help ensures that residents at Homes for Children will have the nutrition and energy they need to grow up strong.

When it comes to working together, there’s no such thing as small potatoes! Check out to download resources that will help you promote the Cans for Kids campaign at your church.