Tim Williams, Director of Church Relations grew up in the Victoria area and has been in Christian ministry since 1982 with 27 of those years serving as a senior pastor. As Director of Church Relations, Tim connects churches with STCH Ministries by helping identify ways to minister to their needs. He is also available for pulpit supply as he leads the Pastor Care ministry.

Occasionally, Tim will share stories from his ministry relating to how God heals hurts and shares hope using STCH Ministries. Here is one story, in his words:

My wife and I recently got to visit friends in Maryland, Pastor Dario and his wife Susie Agnolutto. Through our relationship with them over the years, Grace Brethren Church of Calvert County has made two trips to the Dominican Republic with STCH Ministries International. They are now planning their third trip. Since our visit included a Sunday, Pastor Dario allowed me to say a word of thanks to his church, share about our ministries as well as show one of our videos.

My wife, Judith, helped with the Ladies’ Retreat at Grace Brethren Church several times and after the service, a friend approached us. The woman shared she knew that she and her husband were, “going to make it – they were a family again,” after participating in the most recent mission trip as a family.

My wife later told me this woman showed up two years ago, at the Ladies Retreat broken and considering divorce after her husband’s affair. Through the grace of God, her church’s work with both of them as well as Christian counseling, this family has not just stayed together but now is being made whole.

It hit me that she was telling me the STCH Ministries mission trip made a difference in their lives and in her mind, changed their course from surviving to serving. We don’t always see the impact our International ministry has on people once they return home, but in this case, it was the healing of a family and the restoration of a marriage.  God works through us when we serve and that may be the most powerful way He works in us as well.

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