Homes for Families is Impacting Lives

Jasmyne was wanting to change her life when she learned about STCH Ministries Home for Families and the opportunity it could provide for her and her children. Her goal was to completely change her life and follow Christ wherever He may lead her! She started at Homes for Families almost two months ago. Before coming here, she would fall into a deep depression at times and despair would take over. Jasmyne was constantly worried about the next big problem and carried the weight of the world on her own shoulders. When temptation came knocking at her door, she was game for whatever was being presented to her. Jasmyne didn’t understand the importance of going to church and doing what the Lord required of her from His word! After being at Homes for Families, she says she finally has peace. She’s studying God’s word which gives her hope for her future. Jasmyne is working hard to make the right decisions for herself and her precious baby boy. 

Jasmyne recently went on her first home pass since arriving at Homes for Families and the opportunity presented itself to lash out and argue with family members who are where she used to be; something she has struggled with. Instead of lashing out in anger, Jasmyne was able to turn the other cheek when being provoked and baited into arguments! She loves the change she is seeing in her relationship with her baby and how he is responding to her changes. She adores her baby boy and is enjoying being around for his “firsts”. Jasmyne wants this momentum to keep going. We thank God for His continued work and the changes He’s making in people’s lives! Most often Jasmyne can be found with a joyful countenance and a testimony that she and her boy are doing well as they continue to follow the Lord’s path.