Sharing Knowledge in the Dominican Republic

On the recent Baylor student Spring Break mission trip, Eron Green, STCH Ministries President/CEO, and John Weber, STCH Ministries Board Chair, joined efforts to empower families and leaders of partnering ministries. One of the most significant partnerships for STCH Ministries is with the Iglesia Bautista Quisqueyana (IBQ). On Sunday morning, Pastor Rudy devoted the entire service to a presentation on Strengthening Families by STCH Ministries Joanna Berry and Eron Green. They were assisted by a family panel of varying ages who shared their real-life examples of family life and relationships.  

Some of the principles shared were the importance of unconditional love between parents and their children. As the principle of sowing and reaping was related to behavior and consequences, Eron Green reminded them that the best discipline was allowing logical consequences to apply. The panel suggested different ways to teach the Word of God at home – reading the Bible together, talking over the day’s events while eating together, motivating children to memorize scripture verses and above all, “Walk the Talk.” 
Afterward, the families of the church brought their lunch and the STCH Ministries staff joined the families to share the meal together.

The following day, the directors of our partnering ministries were invited to a presentation on the importance of a functioning board by Eron Green and John Weber. This concept is not fully understood and practiced in the Dominican Republic. However, for succession planning and sustainability, it is a priority focus of encouragement as STCH Ministries collaborates with the efforts of our faith partners. Interest was very high, and questions came almost faster than they could be translated. The presentation whetted their appetites for more information and more guidance. STCH Ministries will be looking to respond to these requests soon.