Raising Highly Capable Kids

STCH Ministries Family Counseling is pleased to announce a new 13-week course to help parents excel at one of life’s hardest jobs. “Raising Highly Capable Kids” will begin Wednesday, September 12 at Grace Point Church Medical Campus in San Antonio, and the class will be led by Dosely Antongiorgi, regional counseling director for San Antonio.

The curriculum was developed by RezilientKidz in partnership with Search Institute. Their “40 Developmental Assets” include attributes such as honesty, integrity, parental involvement, self-esteem, and religious community. According to the publisher, these essential building blocks “not only help parents raise healthy, caring, and responsible children but also equip kids with the power to make healthy life choices.”

Parents who have graduated from the course are highly enthusiastic about their experience. “The classes helped me learn how to treat others; how to treat my wife and children better. And now I’m another person; a good person. My life has changed completely. It’s an excellent program.”

“It helped us to interact and communicate with our children better. It allowed us to understand about their homework needs, and it was really enjoyable to change our daily routine and have ‘parent time’ to talk with other parents.”

Our mission at STCH Ministries is to care for children and families, and one of the ways we do that is by coming alongside families before they get into crisis situations that are unrecoverable. This class will empower more San Antonio families for success!